So Gone So Wrong

Wow today I had to choose between three different songs to post today and I think I know the song I wanna post. In the past you’ve heard a lot of songs about girls wanting to be with them, getting out of a crazy relationship etc. Or I’ve thrown an inspirational song your way.

Well today I wanted to test the waters with something different I’ve written a couple of different songs; which I hope would help someone who is going through the same thing as I was at the time.

In 2010 before I left Colorado someone close to me was on this horrible self-destructive path, and when I say self-destructive I mean that, that someone close to me was doing so much drug wise that it nearly destroyed them, but thankfully that someone got help before it was too late.

The reason I’m posting this song today is because back then I was blaming myself for that person’s own drug abuse and I tried everything under the sun to help them, but I finally came to realize that they have to help themselves.

Throughout the song you’ll hear about how I struggled with it, but then towards the end I finally get my moment of Clarity, so it’s my sincere hope that thisย song might help someone else who’s going through the same thing. As always please leave me a comment and tell what you think.


4am I’m lying here restless.

Another night goes by.

Without any sleep.

Laying here with the same worries afraid to wake up later on in morning.

Its history repeating.

(Again and again.)

Cause I know that when I get up I’ll either be working’ from the time I get up till the time you go to bed tonight.

(Together or you might never wake this morning and yesterday was your last day ever.

Your addiction won.

Cause your…

(Chorus so gone so wrong.)

You think you got it all under control then here comes the OD.

It’s another trip down the same highway.

(It’s the same game the same pain.)

I can’t take it anymore.

Cause every time you say you’ll stop I let my guard down.

(Let the walls come down.)

(Together then when you crash and burn.)

My wounds are re-opened.

It’s like your pouring salt on my wounds.

No point in itching me up the wounds will never heal and even if they do I’m still left with the scar.

Cause your…

(Chorus so gone so wrong.)

You’ll never change your addiction comes first and that’s how it’s always going to be.

(Uh-oh, uh-oh, no.)

Unless one day you actually hit rock bottom or want to change your ways there’s no way I can help you.

(Chorus cause right now your too far gone, gone, gone.

Yeah right now your…

so gone so wrong.)


18 thoughts on “So Gone So Wrong

    1. I’m sad that you can relate, but at least from what it sounds like you got yourself out of that situation. Good for you because some people don’t.
      I’ll definitely check out your post as well.
      Thanks for commenting.


  1. Your amazing song really moved me and I’m so grateful to you for visiting my blog because now I have the opportunity to meet you here. Btw, I’m not a songwriter, but I wrote a song that I think might resonate with you and I’d love to send it to you. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you and have a beautiful day, Michele


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