I want it all

On Friday I was listening to Maroon 5’s One more night on the radio when this little piece to this song popped into my head. Usually I don’t like to start writing a song unless I at least have a chorus, or the song title. But I sat down and I typed up the first two lines You like it hard. You like it freaky, and I just want to feel the love.

I didn’t know if I could even come up with the rest of the song but I did, and I’m happy with it. Now I wanna see what you think of it, but I’m also a little nervous because I don’t know if the contents of the song would agree with you. But I thought that I would see, so let me know what you think.

You like it hard.

You like it freaky and I just wanna feel the love.

We are two polar opposites but yet we’re finding it hard to resist.

In this room full of people you’re on one side and I’m on another, but it’s seems like our eyes are always meeting, and that we’re always running into each other.

We both want it bad but try to hold our composure.

Girl I don’t know about you but I know about me and I know that I can’t keep resisting.

I gotta feel love.

I wanna feel you so can’t we just slip away.

We’ll take up an empty room and have our way.

You throw me onto the bed and then you kiss my lips.

Damn, an explosion that I’ve never felt like this, and I wanna feel more…

(Chorus I want it all so take me.

Girl I don’t care if it’s rough or if it’s wrong.

Yeah cause I just wanna make it last long.

I want it all.)

Now its ten minutes later we’re getting hot and heavy and temperature’s rising.

I’ve got my hands all over your body and I can’t resist the feel of your birthday suit.

(I can’t resist the feel.


Girl you give love that I’ve never felt before and I want more.

Girl you rock me and I can’t help but scream out your name.


(You rock me.

I can’t help scream out your name.

You’ve got me…)

You’ve got me coming back for more yeah, yeah.

(Repeat chorus I want it all and I don’t care…

(Don’t care.)

If it’s rough or if it’s wrong cause I…

I want it all.)

Girl I…

Love the touch of your skin, the taste of your lips.

Baby the temperature is burning up.

I love the way you pull me in, and girl you’ve got me.

(You pull me in.

You make me feel love.)

I swear that I don’t want this to end.

Cause it’s the way you make me scream.

I can’t help it and I know.

(And I know that…)

I know that I want more.

(Repeat chorus I want it all so girl take me.

(Take me.)

I don’t care if it’s rough or if it’s wrong.

All I know is that I want it to last long.

So baby come on.

(Come on.)

I want more…


Baby I just want it all.)


13 thoughts on “I want it all

  1. Hi Chelsea

    First off I have to tell you that I love the new picture on your Gravatar.

    Now about this post. It is very, very intense, leaves nothing to the imagination and I’m pretty sure that I was blushing while I was reading it! It takes great nerve to put it all out there like that whether it is in song form or not. I don’t know if I would “tener cojones” to do the same.



  2. Wow. This is definitely not a post you read on a typical day. That being said, very intense and very raw. Very nicely done ;).

    P.S. Thank you for liking a post on my blog. Much appreciated!


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