Skunk in the bushes

Around 9pm last night I was letting my dog out one last time before he went to bed. He was on a leash because we don’t have a fenced in backyard.

The neighbors from across the street watch from their front porch as this whole scene begins to unfold.

A rustling in the bushes + my very nosey dog + me holding my 54 pound dog by a leash = disaster.

Reggie hears a rustling in the bushes so of course he pulls me over so that he can investigate. At this point I’m thinking that it’s this mama cat who watches over her babies that are hidden in our bushes.

Reggie pulls himself further into the bushes as I try to pull him out, but he wouldn’t budge. Instead he just starts sniffing for the animal. Meanwhile I can hear the neighbors from across the saying to one another “Oh man that girl’s having trouble with her dog.”

The mysterious animal begins to move while my dog eggs it on causing it to get angrier as I tried to pull Reggie away.


After pulling Reggie out of the bushes he repeated shook his head and sneezed. The skunk had sprayed him right in his face and the smell was god awful. I then took Reggie by his collar and as I walked him back around the house and back into the apartment I yelled at him saying “A skunk you had to piss off skunk damn to Reggie. EWWW! God you stink. The neighbors continued to watch as I took him inside.

Once I got inside I rubbed tomato juice all over his face and then I took the tomato juice into the shower with me and I spent the next 20 to 30 minutes scrubbing myself with tomato juice and soap.

When I went to bed Reggie along with the entire house still smelled like skunk but I was stink free.

Thanks for checking out my blog.


31 thoughts on “Skunk in the bushes

      1. Oh boy this is awkward I apologize you see I read and like a lot of different posts and I thought that your post was a sad one I’d read earlier.
        My bad I went back and looked at yours and the writing was very good sorry for the mix up.


  1. Tomato jucie worked for you, it doesnt work my dogs. The dog wash place have a special skunk shampoo… but even after that any time he gets wet he will smell. It takes about 3 months to air it out (and even high powered Frebrez is worthless)

    But I loved how you told the story.


    1. Oh thank you I know I don’t think the tomato juice is working, but unfortunately we just put flea and tick meds on my dog so I can’t really wash him otherwise the meds would wash off.
      So we’re suck with the smell. 😦


  2. I have found your blog to be quite “lovely” and nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog” award.
    Go to to check out the rules.
    Congrats on all your success!


  3. I have a de-smelled skunk as a pet, but a pet skunk is a lot of work, sort of like owning a raccoon or a ferret. They’re very curious and need lots of different food and can get fat. This one was handled a lot as a baby, so it’s quite docile and friendly, but a skunk can bite! Outdoors without their scent glands, they are somewhat defenseless, which is something to watch out for.


  4. Chelsea,

    I, too, have a skunk story. Not as good as yours, but leading me to be sympathetic with yours. When I lived in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, I went out to a meeting on a dark rainy night. On my way home, in the drizzle, I suddenly saw a skunk in the middle of the road, right between my headlights. There was nothing I could do but drive over it. He was standing there, with his butt facing the front of my car. What I did not realize, until I got home, was that as the car passed over him, he had sprayed the entire underside of my car. Try driving around in a car that smells like a skunk. I quickly realized that this was not a way to win a popularity contest. I finally decided to hit the local carwash, which was known to have a good undercarriage scrub. Went through it about 10 times before the smell was into the tolerable range. Arrived at work about 2 hours late because “my car got sprayed by a skunk and I had to get it cleaned.” Of course no one believed it, but I think I won the contest for most imaginative excuse for lateness.


    1. Sorry about you being late for work and no one believing you, but at least the skunk wasn’t killed. Because even though they can be a pain wouldn’t want to hear of one dying.
      Thanks for telling your story and I’m glad you could at least get rid of some of the smell in your car. 🙂


  5. When I was a lad, I was jogging through the quiet streets of my little hometown when I saw a skunk ambling along, minding its own business. It was a couple dozen yards away and no threat to me. I picked up a rock and threw it at the skunk, intending to scare it a little. It wheezed and half rolled over, then limped away. I felt bad. To this day, I’m waiting for skunk karma to come around and spray me in the face.


  6. Chelsea, wow, I’ve always thought this would happen to me! I’ve had some close calls(and I am usually the person that these type of things happen to! LOL) My daughter and I watched a documentary on skunks once and we still get laughing (and grossed at) when we remember the close-up of how a skunk actually sprays (eeewwww) Hope you don’t have residual skunk smell to deal with…that’s nasty!
    Thanks for sharing this!


    1. Thanks for sharing the skunk documentary with me I didn’t know that you could have a residue left on you after being sprayed. Yuck!
      Luckily I wasn’t close enough to it, but my dog on the other hand I’m shocked that he didn’t.
      Thanks for commenting 🙂


  7. You can spray apple cider vinegar around the house. You can also bathe in that. Tends to work better than tomato juice. Did you report the skunk to your apartment complex? To your city and county?


  8. Holy lame! I would have been really upset. My Grandmother’s dog was sprayed at least once a year and one day she sat me down “Sonya, if ever your dog is sprayed by a skunk, tomato juice doesn’t work at all. Remember that, what does work is _________” I cannot freaking remember, because she told me to remember tomato juice doesn’t work. I am pretty much up a creek if my dog has that happen cause I sure as shit have no idea what to do if the one thing I have ever heard works clearly doesn’t work (as mentioned in your post and by my Grandmother). Maybe it was Palmolive? If your dog still smells it might be worth a try?


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