A Beautiful Blogger Award

Wow I just found out that I’ve been nominated for my seventh blogging award.

I would like to thank http://ariesgrlreview.com/ for A beautiful Blogger nomination it’s truly an honor.

Now as stated in the rules of participation I will tell you seven things about myself.

About me:

1 I’m from Fort Collins Colorado

2 I moved to Massachusetts about two years ago to further pursue my writing career

3 I’m a song writer

4 I’m a born fighter (not in the bad sense) I fight for things  I believe in

5 I’m very dedicated to all of my writing

6 I will lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it

7 I would do anything that could to help an animal in need

Rules of Participation:

1 List seven things about yourself

2 Nominate seven other bloggers

My Nominees

1  http://naomiedmondson.wordpress.com/

2 http://goteamhampton.wordpress.com/

3 http://aportiaadamsadventure.wordpress.com/

4 http://shrewdbanana.wordpress.com/

5 http://leajurock.wordpress.com/

6 http://chttp://mechanarium.wordpress.com/

7  http://backyardphilosophy01.wordpress.com/

Congratulations to all of my nominees.

Best of Luck to you all 🙂


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