Sound the alarms

In 2007 I was heading back to work at a part-time cleaning job with my mom. Over the past couple of months our part-time jobs were on hiatus; because my mom had a few health issues at the time. She was finally doing better so her and I went back to work and one of the places that we cleaned was an old friend’s chiropractic office.

Like I said before we hadn’t really been there in a couple of months, so we weren’t aware of some of the changes around the office; mainly this new alarm system that they had just installed.

On Sunday morning we pulled up to the office and I noticed this security sign over by the front entrance, so I said to my mom “Hey did Angelique mention the alarm system to you?” Then mom says to me “What are you talking about?” I then pointed over to the sign next to the entrance, so then my mom says to me “Oh no she didn’t, but don’t worry some people just put those security signs up to scare people.” At that point I remember thinking to myself who the hell does that? So I asked my mother if she was sure about that; because I didn’t want the alarm to go off, or within 5 to 10 minutes be surrounded by police. She says that she’s sure, so we head to the front entrance unlocked the door, and sure enough when we opened the door the alarm starts going off.

Once the alarm started going off my mom and I were trying to figure out what to do and we thought we’ll just call Angelique and ask her how to shut it off. But I didn’t have a cell phone at the time; because I couldn’t really afford it. To make matters worse there was a phone in the office, but I didn’t know if I could remember Angelique’s number off of the top of my head, so I just started dialing the number. It was the type of situation where I kind of knew the number so I thought that I would just keep dialing until I got her number right.

While I did this at that point the alarm had been going off for about ten minutes, and all I could think while was while trying to remember Angelique’s number was “Man I hope the police don’t show up within the next few minutes.”

It was about a minute later that I finally dialed Angelique’s number correctly and she gave us the pin number to shut off the system Once we got the alarm to shut off, and once the ringing in both my mother’s and my ears went away Angelique apologized; because she meant to call us and tell about the new security system, but it slipped her mind.

To this day whenever I see a security sign I get a little pit in my stomach.

Thankfully the cops didn’t come, and after that we were able to get our work done.

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12 thoughts on “Sound the alarms

  1. Oh, that sounds like fun! In that case, it’s a good thing the police didn’t come, but what if there actually was a problem?! And I really wouldn’t be surprised if people just put the alarm stickers to scare people. 😉


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