On to Chapter Five

Well ladies and gentlemen I did it I actually finished the drafting for chapter five…

I think…

More than likely it’s done; which is a total shocker for me because it usually takes me a while, mainly because I have a problem with procrastination. Sometimes the notes will sit there for a few days, but I actually finished them.

Now it’s onto to commencing work on chapter five and let’s see I’ll probably procrastinate the rest of the week, then I’ll actually start to work on the chapter on Sunday, or maybe Monday. I’ll work on it for the day and probably get five to ten pages into it.

I’ll procrastinate again and finally comeback to it two weeks later and say “Oh uh damn I gotta finish that chapter.” I’ll start working on it again, and then get a case of writer’s block a few pages before finishing it, and then in an attempt to rid myself of the block I’ll listen to music.

Finally I’ll come back to it a few hours later and then finish up the chapter. The next day I’ll edit the chapter; then gloat on Facebook that I finished chapter five.

All in all chapter five should take me around three weeks to finish after you factor in my procrastination. 😉

Seriously though I do procrastinate but not to that extent; because usually it’s a lot worse… Kidding

I just wanted to write this post to say that I finished the drafting, to hopefully make you laugh, and also because I had no idea what to write about today.

Thanks for checking out my blog.


13 thoughts on “On to Chapter Five

  1. Oh my Lord…I’ve been ten years at work on my novel and I still haven’t finished the first draft!! I am shamed…that’s it, going to get on the case! Good luck with the rest of your book =)


  2. Hi Chelsea Brown and thank you for checking out my blog. I also tend to dither and dither about writing, which is why the first drafts of my (unpublished) novels always end up miles too long. In the end, I follow the advice of my favourite writers’ blog, magicalwords.net, and put the butt in chair and write! Good luck with your book!


  3. I feel your pain. I do tend to procrastinate too much. I should just stop opening firefox and browse the internet if a word document. But I can’t help my-… see! I’m doing it again. I shouldn’t be typing here but in Word. *dissapears*


  4. Most of us writers can identify with you here. it’s an occupational hazard. We love to write but – we love procrastinating more! Thanks for your comment on my post today.


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