Additional Chapter

Hey all,

Let me just start off by saying Whoa!

Why whoa you ask?

Well within the past two weeks a lot has been happening with my blog; which is a total shocker because around this time three weeks ago I was barely getting views, and on and off I’ve been struggling view wise since I started my blog in April.

Now I’m happy to report the views won’t stop which is awesome to me. 🙂

Since it seems that I actually have a blogging audience I thought I would tell you about my recent breakthrough with my second book.

For the past ten months I’ve been hard at work working on the sequel to Jenny Mac; which I’m really excited about by the way.

Anyway I’m a firm believer in drafting my book before I even begin to start writing the book itself, and I had the entire book mapped out, and since I finished drafting I started to write the story. Everything with the drafting and writing the book was going smoothly until about three weeks ago I was getting ready to commence work on chapter four when this new idea came to me, and I thought I’ll tryout this “trial chapter” to see if this chapter could really fit in with the book. As I worked on it during the first week I had my doubts that it would not work, but as of last week I was able to breakthrough some of the doubt and writer’s block I was having and actually finish up the chapter.

I’m so happy that I did that “trial chapter” because now I’ve added on this additional really dark chapter to the storyline and couldn’t be happier; which brings me to a question that I’ve been itching to ask all of you writers out there…

Have you ever gone against your drafting for your storyline, and if so has it worked out in the way you thought that it would when you had the idea?

Leave me a comment and tell me about your own personal experience.

Thanks for checking out my blog and be sure to subscribe.


8 thoughts on “Additional Chapter

  1. OMG! A huge, resounding YES! I don’t extensive plot out the novel or SS. I have a begining and ending and some of the middle. Somewhere in the first few chapters the Characters rebel and take over. My outline goes out the window (and the more outlining I’ve done, the harder my characters laugh at me). The new twists and turns are more true to their characteristics as I learn more about them. Sometimes I have to pull them back and put them back on course and undo some of the damage they’ve done, Other times, they present me with an alternate ending that is even better than the one I had planned.

    IMO, as we write we have to let the characters grow and develop their personalities. For me, if I force them to follow their character sheets, they become two dimensional puppets. By giving them a free rein, they develop into sympathetic (well…except the anti-heroes) characters who have a richer, more inviting story. I’ve even gone back and completely deleted chapters and Scenes that no longer worked (painful, but necessary) and only ended up with a stronger piece.

    Good Luck!


    1. Whoa it sounds like you’ve got more twists with your characters and plot changes than I do, but i’m glad that i’m not the only one who goes off course with the plot and drafting. Good luck with your story as well it definitely sounds like you’ve got your hands full. Thanks for leaving a comment. 🙂


  2. Congrats on the stats and the breakthrough. This hasn’t happened to me with creative writing but when I was still taking graduate-level English lit classes, my breakthroughs surprised and impressed even me 🙂 Isn’t it awesome when that happens? Jane


  3. Yes! The plan I make before I actually write the first draft always ends up being different! Planning and writing is so different and makes your story go on diverse roads. It’s incredible – I can never totally follow the story according to the plan. It always gets twisted… 😛


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