Let Me Take You Away

I was trying to think of what song I wanted to post for you all to see this week, and I started looking through all of my songs when this song caught my eye. I wrote this song a few months back in April and I hope that you like it.

Hooo, ooo, mmm.

I see your heart, I see your soul, I see everything you are.

But, I can’t see why your girl would leave you high and dry.


You give her love, you give your heart, you give all of who are, and yet she can’t see how you wanna be everything she needs.

She can’t see your tears streaming down your face.

She can’t see that your heart’s aching, (ooo, that it’s breaking.)

Girl I can see that she doesn’t even know your there.

(Reaching out for her love) and that’s because she found someone new.

I know you don’t know what to do, I know that you’re so hurt; I know you’re so confused.

You can’t figure out what you did wrong.

Well I can’t stand to see you so broken up, so let me just tell you…

Ooo, yeah.

Girl it isn’t you, it isn’t anything that you do, or did.

It was her she’s just the type to leave you feel like you’re her world, but really she’s just the girl who ditched.


The girl who missed on…

The most amazing, talented, incredible, beautiful, phenomenal woman who has ever walked into my life.

(You’re so phenomenal.)

And I can’t picture my life without you.

No I won’t just let this moment go by…

So girl I’m asking you…

(Chorus baby, let me take you away.)

Away from the pain.

Away from her games.

Away from the lies.

Girl you should just let me hold you tight.

Oh I promise I’ll love you right.

When you reach out my hand will always be there.

No I’ll never let you fall.

Cause you stole my heart right from the start babe.

Oh I just want to…

(Chorus take you away.)

I’ll be everything you want if you would just…

(Chorus let me take you away.)

Yeah I’ll be your fight.

I’ll always be on your side.

I’ll be the girl who’ll give you the world, and everything you deserve if you would please just…

(Chorus let me take you away.)

(Take you away, take you away.)

Oh, girl…


(Let me take you away.)


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