Let Sleeping Dogs Sleep

I snapped these photos a couple of days ago and decided to write a blog post about it, and who wouldn’t wanna write a post about these pictures they’re totally adorable.

It’s as if my dog is saying “Yeah my

bed just wasn’t cutting it, so I thought I’d try your bed, but don’t worry you can sleep on my dog bed.”

Or if you look at the expression on his face he would probably be saying something like this “Hey could you turn off the light and stop taking pictures of me; I’m trying to sleep.”

Anyway the photos were cute and I just thought I’d share em with you.

Thanks for checking out my blog and have a great day.

61 thoughts on “Let Sleeping Dogs Sleep

  1. Hi Chelsea, enjoyed looking around your book blog. You go girl! Keep writing on…and thanks so much for your like on my Family History post. 🙂 I love dogs and do a lot of dog-sitting for friends.


  2. It looks familiar, Chelsea. We have two dogs. Fortunately they’re small and only one likes to share the bed. Before these two, we had two Dalmatians. Don’t even think about sleeping in a thunder storm. They were bigger babies than the small ones. Take care.


  3. I have two dogs who think they own me and the house. Turns out I’m not alone. Have fun sharing your dogs space – in case you missed the memo. Thanks for checking out my blog.


  4. Er, maybe I misunderstood something but my enormous German shepherd, little Shih Tzu and personality-challenged kitty are happy I bought them that nice bed and they are gracious enough to let me sleep in it with them. What is that “your bed” article?


  5. Sometimes I have trouble seeing the expression in the faces of dogs other than my own..I think knowing the dog helps you to see their “attitude.” But this expression is pretty clearly what you’ve described!


  6. He is beautiful. Guess you need to find a bed of your own because clearly he has claimed that one! Glad you liked my blog. Thanks for stopping by! Many blessings to you!


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