Cherish You

I wrote this song in December 2009 and this was the first song I wrote where I could actually see the potential. This was the first love song I’d ever written, and if you’re wondering how old I was when I wrote it I was 19.

Oh baby girl I know that you want someone to cherish you.

But I also know that you’re afraid to get close with anyone.

Cause girl you’re afraid that when you fall in love with someone.

She won’t treat you right.

You’re afraid she that won’t like you for what’s in your heart.


But baby girl I want you to know that you deserve nothin’ but the best.

Yeah I know.

You say that you want someone who will love you hold close and never let you go.

Yet you can’t see what’s right in front of eyes baby.

Well baby I’m just gonna sit back and watch you burn,

(Watch you burn,

Watch you burn,

Watch you burn baby)

Because honestly I…  Oh, I’ll try my best to make you feel loved. Cause girl I know that you.

(Chorus want someone that you could cherish.

Girl I know that I could be that special someone that you could cherish.

But I also know that you just want someone to cherish you.)

Cause girl there’s somethin’ about you that makes me feel like I’m walkin’ on air.

That’s why I know that.

(You deserve nothin’ but the best.

Oh, nothin’ but the best.)

You deserve world and if you give me a chance I’ll prove my love. I’ll give you the world, I’ll give you my heart.

(I’ll give you world I’ll give you my heart

Baby I’ll cherish you.)

(Chorus I’ll be the one to cherish you.

l just want to look into those beautiful eyes and hold you tight.)

(Hold you tight, hold you tight, hold you tight.)

I’ll never let you go.

No baby I’m not just gonna let you slip through my fingers.

I wanna hold you in my arms.

(Hold you in my arms, in arms.)

(Chorus I want to make this moment last and just cherish you, love you.)

(Cherish you baby.)

All I want to do.

(Baby girl.)

All I want to do.

Oh whoa.

(All I want to do.)

(Chorus is just cherish you love you, be with you. All I want to do baby is cherish you.)


One thought on “Cherish You

  1. Hey there- You know I just wanted to say how much I really do appreciate you nominating me for that blogger award. I botched the post-I think- so please if there’s something I need to change, let me know. Keep the hope alive. Always. Never let anyone squash your dreams. No one. Ok? 🙂


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