Karma sucks

Don’t you hate it when you do something that ends with karma kicking you in the ass?

This has happened to me on several different occasions, but there was one time where the karmic story actually ends where you catch yourself, and you say “Yup, yup I really shouldn’t have laughed at that.”

In the summer of 05 my mom and I were just getting settled into our townhouse after my parents split up. One day my mother tells me this story that made me laugh my ass off at her expense. She was taking a shower and apparently hit herself in the nose with a shampoo bottle; which caused her nose to bleed. But she didn’t realize that it had and at one she looked down and sees all of the blood going down the drain, and she says to me while telling the story “I thought I was having my period and it was weird; because I stopped getting it years ago, but then I realized that the blood was coming from my nose.” My reply “Ha, ha, ha, I can’t believe that you didn’t realize that you hit yourself with the shampoo bottle, and you got a nose bleed thinking for a second that you were having your period. That’s freaking hilarious,” I said, as I continued to laugh.

About a week later I was swimming with my dad at the townhouse community pool when I started to throw this bouncy ball at this brick wall, and I would try to catch it before it fell into the water. I’m playing with that bouncy ball for a few minutes when one of my throws comes back, and pops me right in the nose; which caused me to fall back into the water.

As I came up from under the water and began to get out of the pool blood starts pouring out of my nose. It turned out that I nearly broke my nose.

The karmic moment came over me and I thought okay so maybe I shouldn’t have laughed at my mother’s expense.

The after math of that little karmic payback was that I also had this good-sized bump on my nose for a couple of weeks.

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