First time operator

For Christmas of 2005 I received my first video camera and I was completely stoked; because I loved film and movies, or anything to do with TV.

For the next few years you would never see me without my video camera, except when I was in school and that’s where my story begins. My dad always had this little habit when I was growing up if there was a toy or something new of mine that intrigued him he would eventually find some way to play with my new toy.

This time it just happened to be my new video camera; which was fine it’s not like he would’ve dropped it or broke it, so whatever. He picked the perfect time to play with my camera; while I was I getting ready for school, so he went around the house documenting everything that was going on. He captured the cats playing, the dog playing, and myself as I got ready to walk out the door for school. He even documented me leaving the house for school and for whatever crazy reason as I walked out of the house he chanted “Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea.” Don’t ask me why he did that he just did I think to probably embarrass me at the time, or something.

So after I left for school my dad tries to teach my mother how to use the camera and for a while there she did pretty well filming, until she somehow got the eye piece stuck on her shirt. While trying to detach the eye piece from her shirt my mother and my dad had some very interesting commentary. “Oh uh I think it’s stuck,” said my mom. “What’s stuck?” asked my dad. “The camera it’s stuck to my shirt,” said my mom. “Well pull it out,” said my dad. “I’m trying to but it’s stuck in the hole can you pull it out please?” asks my mom. “Okay man it’s really stuck how’d you get it caught?” asks my dad. “I don’t know just pull it out,” said my mom. “Well here I almost got it out. Hang on it’s coming and THERE! It’s out,” said my dad.

Later that day I came home and watched the tape and my mom got the whole commentary she did on the tape. After hearing that commentary I nearly puked; because at well any age really you DO NOT want to even remotely hear your parents talking about something that sounds that close to sex especially at fifteen.

After that experience I can’t recall ever seeing either one of my parents picking up my video camera again.

Thanks for checking out my blog, have a great day, and be kind to one another.


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