Shaving Cream

In my family along with laughing our asses off at people’s misfortune, pissing our pants because we laughed so hard, and scaring the crap out of each other. We also have another wacky family tradition we get into crazy fights with one another. Not fights like yelling, screaming and that type of deal, but more like water fights, food fights, and yes shaving cream fights.

You might be wondering does this sort of wacky fighting happen between us a lot. No this usually happens out of nowhere; although sometimes we do plan out these wacky fights out just for the hell of it.

The wacky fights were something that I have a feeling my grandfather started; because he was always a big prankster, and then because he liked to prank so much he would also prank his children therefore he passed on his pranking techniques onto my mother.

So one night my older brother was coming out of the bathroom and my mother went in to the bathroom after him, and she sees this big brand new can of shaving cream, so she grabs the can and sprays the shaving all over the top of my brother’s head. Thus the shaving cream fight began. During this midst of their fight my father walks into the kitchen, and sees my mom and brother covered head to toe in shaving cream, along with the walls, kitchen table, the stove, the kitchen island, and the floor.

He takes one look at them and just starts laughing, and as he’s laughing they just continued to fight as if he wasn’t even there.

All in all after everything was said and done my mom and brother spent two hours cleaning up their mess, and from that day on neither one looked at a can of shaving cream the same way again.

Thanks for checking out my blog and Happy TGIF.

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