The first date mishap

On Sunday I had my first date with somebody from a dating site and I brought my sister along just to make sure that the person I was meeting wasn’t some 50-year-old pervert, and I’m happy to report that my date wasn’t some 50-year-old perv.

On the first date I let my date decide where to go; because we were meeting up in Providence RI because my date lives in RI, and my sister and I didn’t really know what would be a fun thing to do on a date in Providence, so my date picked The Roger Williams Park Zoo.

My sister and I drove in from Mass and met up with my date at the Zoo, and I must say that date went very well I didn’t do anything to embarrass myself, nor did I spill anything on my date like I feared I might do on Friday’s post.

We all spent probably a good three hours at the Zoo before it closed looking at all of the animals and as we went around to all of the different animals I got to know my date a little better, and I really liked my date and how the date had gone. For once I thought yes the date actually went well and there were no little mishaps, until my sister and I decided to give my date a lift home.

Now my date probably only lived I’d say a good 8 to 10 minutes away from the Zoo and the town that my date lived in was very close to Providence, so my sister and I figured no problem it would be just a quick side trip on our way home back to Mass.

One thing I learned about my date was that my date had a terrible sense of direction, so my date ended up calling a friend to help navigate my sister into my date’s town and then to my date’s apartment. So my date calls the friend so that my sister could get the directions. Now I probably should’ve caught onto this, but I didn’t until my sister and I were on our way home. When my sister was getting the directions for this short little drive to my date’s town it took about 5 to 8 minutes for date’s friend to give my sister the directions; which I just at the time blamed on the cell phone service.

So my sister finally gets all of the direction and then starts driving down the street that she needed to be on, but then realizes that after driving a good distance down the street that, that street dumps onto another street, so my date calls the friend back and it pretty much went downhill from there. My date didn’t realize that the friend who was giving my sister directions was totally wasted, so basically whenever we got to a landmark or another street my dates friend would say “Okay, okay so, so are you anywhere near Benny’s hardware?” She would ask these questions in a drunken slur. Meanwhile my sister had been stopped on the street where Benny’s hardware was located for like two minutes trying to explain to my date’s friend that we were already there, and that she needed to know where to go next. After that my date’s friend took us around in circles saying “Oh you’re so close to the apartment you just have no idea.” But in reality we were nowhere near my date’s apartment.

So finally after driving around for a half an hour my date’s friend finally manages to lead us to the direction of my date’s apartment, and then my date directed us the rest of the way. So that little side trip that was only supposed to take a ten minute drive tops took us a half an hour, with my date’s drunken friend leading us around in circles.

After dropping my date off my sister and I went home laughing our asses off at what had just happened.

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