Drawing Blood

In September 2007 I was going to the doctor for a checkup and the doc did the usual listen to my heart, listen to me breathe, and asked the usual questions How have you been feeling? Is there anything that I need to know about? Everything checked out fine, but there was one last thing that my doc wanted to do and that was draw some blood and make that everything with my blood looked normal.

Now I hadn’t really been to a doctor in a couple of years, nor had I had any blood taken in probably quite a few years, so having blood drawn for the first time in years was something that I wasn’t expecting mainly; because like I’ve said in other posts that I’ve written I’m afraid of needles. But when I have to get something done like having blood drawn I can handle it I just couldn’t watch the nurse as she poked my arm with the needle, nor could I watch as she took my blood; because the sight of blood makes me wanna gag.

So the nurse comes in cleans off that area of my arm where she was going to stick the needle, and she drawers a couple of vials of blood and I left to go check out with the receptionist. As I’m walking down the hall I said to my mom who was a few feet away from me “I can’t see.” At that point I wondered if maybe I was going blind I didn’t really know what the deal was, and then a second later I passed out.

Up until that point I’d never really experienced what it was like to pass out, and you know it was kinda funny; because even though I had passed out I could still kind of hear what was going on around me.

When I came to about thirty seconds later I wondered how long I’d been out for; because it felt like I’d been out for a while so when asked one of the male nurses what had happened he said “Oh nothing you just passed out for thirty seconds or so.” Then he asks “So how ya doing do ya feel the blood rushing to head?” I said no and that I felt kind of sick, and it’s really a funny to watch three different nurses try to scramble and find a waste basket. Lucky for them I didn’t vomit.

On the drive home I asked my mom what happened once I passed out and she told me “Well your lips went as white as a ghost and lucky for you a nurse nearby was watching you, or you would’ve hit your head. But since she was watching you she quickly rolled a chair over to you and then rolled you into an empty exam room. A few seconds after that you woke up,” said my mother as she laughed thinking about the whole thing. “Ha, ha, I can’t believe you fainted like that I’ve never seen anyone faint like that.”

After everything was said and done everything turned out okay my blood tests came back fine, and I felt a lot better after laying down for a couple of hours.

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