The Sloppy Kiss

We all have those memories of awkward teenaged bull crap, or maybe you’re a teen who’s going through the awkward teenaged bull crap. If you are you may think that a situation that you’re in is one that either will be something that you’ll never live down, or it’s something that will stick with for the rest of your life. Like say a kiss, or a first kiss that didn’t exactly go the way that you always pictured it would.

Well let me tell you this one day that embarrassing first kiss is going to wind up as a funny memory that you might just stop, and think about every once in a while.

In 2006 my friend and I had been kind of dancing around each other throughout most of the year, and every once in a while we’d maybe have a date, or we’d just hang out at my place and do something. On that particular day we were just hanging out, and of course along with the hanging out there was always this tension between us, and it was rare that we would even discuss it because it was embarrassing.

However on that one day we talked about it, and somehow we actually started to talk about kissing, and my friend told me that he’d never kissed, and he knew that I had at that point kissed one person, so he asks me how it was done. I didn’t really know what to tell him because no one that I had kissed had ever asked me that before, so I just said “How do you think you should kiss a girl?” At that point I think he said “I don’t know I don’t even know where to put my hands.” Again I didn’t know what to tell him, so I said “Well I don’t know what to tell you if you really wanna kiss a girl just go for it.”

A few weeks ago my friend had just gotten his braces put on, and if you’ve ever had braces you’d I know that during the first few weeks you have a lot more saliva than you usually do. Now if you combined that with crazy male hormones, and a teenaged boy who has yet to have his first kiss you have a very interesting reaction.

So needless to say after giving my friend that piece of advice he kissed me. At that age it always seemed like whenever I was going to be kissed, or I was kissing someone that I was always interrupted. But this time I was kinda happy to be interrupted. My mom had called me down stairs to let my dog outside and right after my friend and I kissed he asked “So how was I?” I told him that he did well for his first kiss then as walked down the stairs before I did I quickly grabbed a towel to dry my mouth off. Yuck I know.

After that for another year, or so we continued to dance around each other we never wound up as an item, but we were better as friends anyway.

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