The Klutz Date

In 2005 I had just started dating this guy and we really liked each other, and one thing that I did with him and his family was go to this roller skating rink on Friday nights called Roller Land. I think it wasn’t until the third or fourth date that he found that I was this major klutz, and he found out in a big way.

The date started off okay we would all skate then take breaks and tell jokes, and just goof around. Then we all got up to go skate again; at this point I had probably skated around rink a few times, and I wanted to just stop and stand against the wall for a minute. I saw my boyfriend with his back to the skaters, and with his hands pushed against the wall. From what it looked like to me he was just getting ready to start skating again, so I thought I’d just take his space.

As I skated towards him I took my eyes off of him for a second; because something had caught my eye, and by the time I looked back over at him I was like a second away from getting hit in my nose with his elbow. The blow of course knocked me on my ass and when he turns around to see what had just hit him in the elbow he of course freaks and asks “Oh my god are you okay? Do you need ice for your nose?” I told him that I was fine and for him not worry, but he did help me to my feet and take me over to our table to sit down for a few minutes.

Later on during the night there were these skating games you could play and one of them was sort of a racing game, so I decided to play it. I was doing pretty well, and I was skating pretty fast, but as I rounded a corner I was going a bit too fast, and I wiped out nearly knocking another skater over.

My boyfriend and his brother and sister happened to see my wipe out and when I came back to the table completely embarrassed, they were having pretty good laugh. Then my boyfriend says to me “damn Chels I didn’t know that you were so clumsy.”

After that last wipe out I was very cautious while I was skating for the rest of the night, but apparently not cautious enough; I think I wiped out two more times before the night ended.

At the end of the night I came home with bruised nose, and skinned up elbow, and a bruised knee.

Thanks for checking out my blog, and Happy TGIF.


2 thoughts on “The Klutz Date

  1. I was recommended this blog by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my difficulty.
    You’re incredible! Thanks!


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