Match Maker

In 1993 my mother was working as a cashier at Pets mart, and during that time she met a lot of interesting people, but one person in particular that she happened to meet turned into this story; a story that to this day makes our family laugh to tears.

One day my mother was working and this guy came in to I think buy dog food or something like that, and they started talking and she found out that the guy was single, and so my mother thought that this guy would get along great with my grandmother. So she tells him about her and he was interested right away, so my mom gave him our number; because my grandmother just happened to be living with us at the time.

That night my mom got home and told my grandma about this guy and that he would be calling, and he really wanted to talk to her. My grandma was intrigued so once he called that night she started talking with him and they hit it off right away. After talking back and forth for a few weeks they wanted to meet each other, so they setup a day to meet.

This guy lived up in Red feather and in case you’re wondering it’s this area up in the mountains in Colorado. So one day my mom and dad drove my grandmother up to Red feather to meet this guy. Well they got up there, and my grandmother goes up to the front door and knocks.

When the guy opens the door and my grandmother sees him she notices that he’s wearing a pair of pantyhose. My mom and dad see him wearing pantyhose, but instead of taking her home right way they decided to leave her there and have a few drinks first. I know what you’re thinking and the guy wasn’t a psycho or anything he was just weird. Needless to say that my grandmother didn’t even talk with the guy she just waited outside with little baby me until my parents came back.

Once they did comeback the entire ride home my grandmother chewed both my parent’s ears off saying “I can’t believe that you setup with a guy that wears pantyhose, and then you leave Chelsea and me there while you two idiots went out for drinks.” Here’s what my parents replied “Sorry mom but we thought you were giving us the signal to leave,” they said, as the laughed.

From that day on when anybody in our family tells that story we refer to the guy as “The pantyhose guy,” and then we laugh our asses off at my grandmother. Who also to this day still bitches my parents out.

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