Is this your dog?

In November 2004 during the Thanksgiving holiday my new friend was going to go on a Ski/Snowboarding trip with her family, and she asked me if I would watch her dog while they were gone.

I of course said yes, so she gave me a few instructions for the dog. 1 don’t let the dog in the house just take her little dog house and put it in the garage, but only do that if it gets really cold, or nasty out. 2 feed her a cup of food twice a day, and 3 make sure that when you leave the back yard to lock the gate in place or she’ll get loose.

So for three days I watched over the dog.

Day 1 went well I made sure that the gate locked in place, and while she ate her dinner I decided to put her in the garage for the night; because it was pretty cold out. So I grabbed her little dog house and put in the garage, and then once she ate I put the dog in the garage, and after that I went home for the night.

Day 2 I got up early to feed the dog her breakfast, but when I came into my friend’s house I noticed that the dog had got out of the garage and into the basement during the night; because there was a small photo album chewed up, and chewed up paper all of the floor. So I cleaned up the mess and put the chewed up photos and photo album up high. I planned on telling her family about what happened and then give them the photos and photo album, and let them decide what they wanted to do with it.

After cleaning up the mess I fed the dog and let her outside for the day, and again before I left made sure that the gate was locked into place.

Later that day I came back to play with the dog for a little while, and wound up getting a little muddy. That night I fed the dog her dinner and then again put her back into the garage, and this time I made sure that the door was shut tight.

Day 3 I got up to fed the dog her breakfast and there was no mess at all, so I fed her, and then let her outside, I checked the gate and left. Sometime in the afternoon I went back over there just to check on her; because my friend was probably going to be home in a few hours. So as I pulled my bike onto my friend’s street I see this animal control officer talking with my friend’s neighbor’s from across the street, and I looked at the dog and it’s my friend’s dog. So I sat my bike in my friend’s driveway and I ran over to the animal control officer saying “I’m so sorry officer I’m watching the dog for my friend and she must’ve got out of the gate.” The guy turns around with the dog, and funny thing it wasn’t my friend’s dog. It was her neighbor’s dog who ironically looked like my friend’s dog. Well at least from behind. Completely embarrassed I apologized to the neighbor and the animal control office, and went to check on my friend’s dog. When I opened the gate she’s just sitting there wagging her tail, and then I said to her “You know perhaps you could’ve braked or something before I went over there and made a fool of myself.”

After checking on the dog I went home, and then came back an hour later when my friend and her family came home I told them about the photos and photo album the dog chewed up, and I told them that I accidentally mistaken their dog for the neighbor’s dog and I told them about the animal control guy. They had a very good laugh at that little mishap.

I hung out with my friend for the night and we just chilled.

But all in all the dog sitting turned out alright except for the photos, and the photo album, and the little mishap with animal control.

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