Over the weekend I sharpened up my math skills, wrote a few more pages for chapter three for the squeal to Jenny Mac, got my ass kicked playing a couple of Xbox 360 games with a friend, and I did something that I never thought I’d do join a free dating site.

When my sister came home on Thursday night she told me about this free dating site that her and one of her friends checked, and she wanted me to check it out. Now if you know me you’d know that I’ve always been against dating sites; because knowing my luck I’d find someone who I really liked and would finally meet that someone, and then they’d turn out to be a full on psycho. But I looked anyway then after looking at the site that night I wrestled with the idea of joining a dating site.

Friday night I decided to take the plunge and just go for it, so I setup a profile and like social networking on Facebook I now log into that site constantly and checkout the singles. Except on Facebook I’m not really chatting it up with singles, but you get my point.

Saturday I really wanted to finish up chapter three so I set to work on that, but I hit a wall; because in chapter three I have this part where Jenny is learning to do something that involves her doing this geometry equation. The last time I did a geometry equation was when I was studying for my GED two years ago, so my geometry was a little rusty. It took a while for me to figure this out, but what wound up happening was I started to write the piece for the storyline, and it all came back to me. It’s funny I never thought that I’d really be using geometry with the career paths that I’d chosen, but what can I say.

Sunday my sister and I went over to our friend Nathalie’s to do some laundry and just hangout. While we were over we spent most of the time listening to music and kind of doing this armature karaoke thing. Kinda stupid I know but we had fun. Once we had gotten bored doing that Nathalie and I decided to play a couple of Xbox games, and she totally kicked my ass, but again we had fun. Once our laundry was done we went home and I just chilled for the night.

Yep that pretty much wraps up my weekend.

Thanks for checking out my blog.


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