Oops your shoe’s untied

You know that old saying make sure to tie you shoelace or you’ll fall? Well that old saying is actually pretty dead on accurate.

In early spring 2003 around 7am I was getting ready for school, and on that particular day I was running late for the bus, so as you can imagine I was all over the place trying to get homework, in my backpack, and I was also trying to get dressed at the same time.

I got everything into my bag and had gotten dressed, and was about to head out the door and go sprinting towards the bus stop; which was a few blocks away. I put on my backpack and now the only thing left that I needed to do was put on my shoes.

I slipped them on and walked towards the top of the stairs, and I noticed the my shoelace was untied and I thought I’ll just tie em once I get to the bottom of the stairs, and I did.

As I went to quickly run down the steps I tripped on that dastardly shoelace and for the very first time in my life I did a cart-wheel down the flight of stairs anyway.

In case you haven’t caught on to this from my pervious posts whenever us kids trip or fall not in any serious way that would involve a trip to the ER, but in the sense that we just wind up with maybe a scratch, our mother usually laughs her ass off at us.

On that particular day my mother just happened to be standing at the top of the steps when I did my little cart-wheel move down the flight of steps, and of course once I hit the bottom she’s on the floor laughing at me, and in-between laughs she asks “Are you alright?” I tell that I’m fine and she laughs once again. Then I get up and leave for the bus stop.

Now that I look back on that day I was pretty lucky I didn’t get hurt, or miss the bus, but from that day on I always remember to tie my shoes if their untied especially if I’m anywhere near a flight of stairs.

Thanks for checking out my blog and Happy TGIF


15 thoughts on “Oops your shoe’s untied

  1. Funny. And lucky! As a former teacher, I’m pretty sure I said, “Tie your shoe.” 8 million times. I’m not a teacher anymore, but still alert kids (and grown ups) when their shoelaces are untied! It’s like a relflex.


  2. My mother used to laugh at me, too, whenever I fell. Then I got married and laughed at my husband when he fell. He looked at me, horrified at the cruelty of the woman he’d married. It turns out that most people don’t laugh at each other when they fall…


  3. Too funny! You can join our Fallen Women group! It’s not official, but let me tell you that even old ladies like me can fall without a scratch. I used to marvel at my 70 year old grandmother who regularly fell off the dining room table when Grandpa was pinning a hem in her dress. She never really fell, she bounced, but nonetheless, she came out unscathed. So to you I offer this great advice. Tie your shoes, and keep falling, and laughing. You will make it through life. And finally – never stop writing – you are amazing!


    1. Oh thank you so much 🙂 and i’ll also carry that advice with me as well. Thanks for telling me that story about your grandmother I really enjoyed it and i’m glad that she wasn’t hurt.
      Thanks for commenting and following me.


  4. my favorite writer ever used to laugh when people fell, and his daughter picked up the habit. apparently once they were at the ballet when one of the dancers fell off the stage. the story goes that the whole audience when silent, but vonnegut and his daughter burst out laughing…i guess they had to leave in the end because the whole situation was a little cringey. thanks for passing by our blog! and congratulations on your recent progress!


  5. Funny! I work with kids myself and have a pet hate of tiny tots in shoes with laces that they can’t even tie. When they ask me to tie their laces I give them a long lecture on why they shouldn’t have shoes with laces unless they ask their mom to teach them and then I make them sit and learn to tie them. That quickly puts them off asking me to tie them again. Thank you for the like on the essence of creativity on my blog.


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