The Grate Mishap

In 1993 my family had just moved into this old house in Loveland Co and it was an older house that either dated back to the early 1900’s or the late 1800’s. Naturally with any home there’s always something that seems like it constantly needs repairing and for that particular house it was always the furnace.

Because the house was an older house the way you needed to fix the furnace was a little bit different from how you would fix a regular furnace. In-between the dining room and the living room there was the large grate, and whenever the furnace needed fixing my dad would always have to take it off while he was in the cellar fixing the furnace. Every time before he would begin to work the furnace he would always say the same thing to everyone “I’m removing the grate so don’t walk in the middle of the floor between the dining room and living room.” When he told us that we always made sure to watch our step around that area otherwise you’d fall right into the cellar.

One day the furnace went out and my dad gave his usual speech about removing the grate, and everybody heard the warning, but my sister who was playing with a Gameboy in the living room. So for whatever reason my sister got up from the couch in the living and began to walk into the dining; while still playing the Gameboy. She walks right into the middle of the room and falls right into the cellar, and oddly enough she never dropped the Gameboy.

My mother of course saw the whole thing happen and she’s rolling on the floor laughing and about ready to wet her pants. I was three at the time and I had come into the room after the fact, but I could still picture my sister absentmindedly playing the Gameboy and falling right into the cellar.

In case you’re wondering my sister was okay after the fall, she didn’t break any bones or anything she just had a few scratches on her. However she’s the butt of every joke and a favorite funny memory between my family.

Thanks for checking out my blog, have a wonderful day, and be kind to one another.


2 thoughts on “The Grate Mishap

  1. Thanks for stopping by and liking my post. Enjoyed your post. This sounds like the kind of memory my sisters and I have! Those family laughs are the best.



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