It’s kind of blonde

In the end of August 2005 I was preparing to start my last year of Junior High; I got my schedule, locker, and school supplies. There was only one last thing that I wanted to do and that was dye my hair for the first time before I went back to school.

I decided to dye my hair blonde I’m a brunette in case you’re wondering. I was so excited to actually dye my hair because this was the first time my mother allowed me to do it, but since I wanted to dye it blonde I said to her shouldn’t I get it bleached first, and she said no mainly because at the time she probably couldn’t afford it. But I didn’t care I still wanted to dye it blonde. So I said why don’t we just dye it without bleaching it first and we did.

So two or three days before I went back to school I went to Wal-Mart and picked out this really light blonde box of hair dye, and my mom and I brought it home. I was too much of a chicken to dye my hair myself so my mother did it for me. At the time my hair was pretty long I think it went more than half down my back, so my mother was applying the hair dye, and she uses up about half of the bottle then says “I think I’ve applied enough of the bottle into your hair so just go in your room and then after fifteen minutes take a shower to rinse it out.” I said ok and waited fifteen minutes then took I shower to rinse it out, and waited for it to dry to see the results.

Tip: When you hear that in order to dye your hair blonde you need to bleach it first DO IT!

Once my hair dried I found out why brunettes need to bleach their hair first before dyeing it blonde. If you don’t bleach it first and you have dark hair your hair is gonna end up looking like one of those shiny copper pennies.

Tip: When dyeing your hair blonde use the whole bottle.

After laughing hysterically at my hair my mother realized that she should’ve used the whole bottle. At that point I began freaking out because I didn’t want to be a laughing-stock of the entire school and it was a big Junior High school.

So my mother said that she would put the rest of the dye in I said that’s great let’s do it.

Tip: NEVER throw the half used bottle of hair dye away.

After seeing my hair my mom said that she would put in the rest of the hair dye, but there was only one problem she already threw it away. At that time we lived in this apartment/townhome complex so instead of throwing your garbage in a trash bin you threw it in dumpsters. This meant that I needed to go dumpster diving to get the bottle of hair dye back. So I’m in the dumpsters looking for the bag of trash that my mother threw away, and I forgot about the bee’s nest that the bees had made earlier in the summer. While looking for the bag of trash a bee stung me on my upper lip. After that I climbed out of the dumpster and went inside. Then my mother went to look and found the bottle of half used hair dye. She put the rest on then fifteen minutes later I rinsed it off.

Once my hair dried this time it didn’t look too bad, but it still look messed up.

So for the first day of school I had crazy looking dyed hair and a swollen upper lip from where I was stung by the bee in the dumpster.

Two days later I had school pictures and needless to say we didn’t buy any for that year. Instead around Christmas time that year we went to Wal-Mart and snapped some holiday shots of me with my hair and lip looking a hell of a lot better.

So to review bleach your hair fist if you want to dye it blonde, use the whole bottle of hair dye, don’t throw it away, don’t go dumpster diving nearby a bee’s nest, and don’t stay in the dumpster and continue to look for the bottle of hair dye when you’ve got a swarm of bees buzzing all around you.

Thanks for checking out my blog and have a great day.

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10 thoughts on “It’s kind of blonde

  1. My youngest, also a brunette, went not quite blonde earlier this year. Fortunately before my eldest daughter got married, youngest voluntarily went back to brown, and she’s in the process of growing out the not quite as brown as it was two months ago but she doesn’t want to recolor it one more time tresses. It’s a process, that’s for sure! 🙂


  2. Ay ya, poor thing! Especially while you’re in junior high, that’s when our poor self esteems are the most fragile. I guess that which does not kill you, etc etc etc. Glad you survived to tell us the tale.


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