Father’s Day Weekend

Over Father’s Day weekend I gained another follower, missed out on celebrating my friend’s Birthday, and picked out vegetable plants for the first time.

Friday night I received a delightful surprise when I checked on my stats for my post Daddy Duh I had a like for the post and I also gained a new follower, but it wasn’t the same person who liked the post. With my new follower I now have 8 people following me now. 🙂 I’m also up to 8 or 9 likes for all of my different posts; which makes me totally happy because I’m beginning to feel like I may actually be doing something right with this blog instead of just hoping that I’m doing something right. Now I feel like I’m reaching people. YAY!

Saturday my sister and I had plans to hang out with our friend Nathalie to celebrate her Birthday, but my sister got the days mixed up and we unfortunately missed it. Sorry Natto:(

Sunday my sister and I went shopping for our necessities and for the first time we both picked out vegetable plants for our mother, and it didn’t go very well. Our mother had a huge list of plants she wanted, and she also had a grocery list some of the items listed were watermelon and cantaloupe. So we couldn’t really decipher whether she wanted a watermelon or a watermelon plant, or a cantaloupe of a cantaloupe plant. So we just got her a watermelon we were also going to get a cantaloupe, but we didn’t bring enough money with us. We found out once we got home that our mother really did want a watermelon plant (oops.)

Later that day I called my dad and wished him a Happy Father’s Day and I guess that’s about all I did for Father’s Day Weekend.

Thanks for checking out my blog and have a great day.

P.S. welcome to my new follower I hope that you enjoy my blog, Happy Birthday Nathalie sorry again about missing your celebration, and Happy Birthday to my uncle Paul who also celebrated his Birthday over the weekend.


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