Daddy Duh

I started thinking about this embarrassing memory that happened to me when I was thirteen, and I’m sure that all of the women out there can definitely relate to this story.

One summer afternoon my dad and I went over to our neighborhood pool for a swim and this was something that we always did together since I was 12 and we did this up until I left Colorado. Every summer we’d make time to go swimming a few days a week.

On that particular day my dad had just got off of work and he needed to cool down and I mean that literally because he’s a house painter, and during the summers in Colorado it would be pretty hot out. So we went down to the pool during the late afternoon and for a couple of hours there everything was great. The pool wasn’t crowded full of people so that was good.

Meanwhile I’m swimming and having fun until I noticed that my bikini top was about to fall off while I was still in the water  and to make matters worse I was right next to a couple of boys. So I quickly swam over to the corner of the pool and there was nothing around cover myself so I just got into a weird position to try to keep from being exposed.  When I looked at my bikini top I realized that I couldn’t have really got out of the pool without it falling off completely, so I thought I’d ask my dad to grab my t-shirt and hand it to me so that I could run to the restroom and fix my top.

I’m still over in the corner in that weird position and at this point I’m trying to get my dad’s attention.

“Dad, dad, dad, DAD!”  “Hmm, what, what is it?” “Could you get out and hand me my shirt really quick?” “Why?” “Could you please just grab it for me?” “Well why, why do you need it?” “I just need it.” This went on for another two minutes while the two boys that were near me stared. At this point in our back and forth conversation I had gone from asking my dad to get my shirt to ordering him, and shouting in the process. “DAD JUST GRAB MY SHIRT!” “Why?”

Finally the male lifeguard who’d been watching the whole scene says to my dad “Uh, dude she’s about to lose her top.” “Oh, OH!” said my dad, as he finally rushed out of the pool to get it; while the boys that were nearby tried to sneak a peek. The lifeguard was helpful though he took that long pool cleaner with the net and put it in front of me so the boys couldn’t see. “Uh here Chels sorry I didn’t, I didn’t uh realize.” At that point however I had already put the shirt on, got out of the pool, and sprinted for the restroom.

I came back with my bikini straps tied tight and my dad apologized one more time, and after that we just went back to swimming and then went home once the pool closed.

Can I just ask this? How long does it possibly take for a man to listen to his little girl when she’s asking for him to grab her  t-shirt; while in a swimming pool? I mean come on it’s not rocket science. Plus the weird position I was in should’ve gave it away.

Well that’s my embarrassing pool story.

Thanks for checking out my blog, have a great day and be kind to one another.


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