My Second Driving Mishap

The first month that I had my learners permit was a little rocky because for the first two weeks that I was learning how to drive I was learning how to drive with my sister, and if you haven’t already read that story check out my 10 New Driving DON”TS! post.

After the first two weeks I went from learning how to drive with my sister; to learning how to drive with my mother, and since then I’d been doing a whole lot better, until my second month of driving.

It was sometime in June 2011 I had just finished cleaning a house to get a little extra money and on the way home my mother and decided to grab some lunch at KFC/Taco Bell. For the first few times of driving through a drive thru I would either be parked too far away from the window, or on my way out of the drive thru I’d go over a curb. This time around I was happy because I did everything thing correctly. So I pulled out of the drive thru area and stopped at the stop sign, and turned on my right turn signal and waited for the traffic to let up so I could get back onto the main road.

I had my steering wheel turned all the way to the right while I was stopped and I never adjusted it I figured I’m turning right anyway so it didn’t matter. The traffic let up and I started to pull out and quickly because there was a car coming but I had enough time to go so I went.

I hit the gas and immediately went over the curb and drove a couple of feet with one side of the car on the road and the other on the sidewalk. Thankfully when I turned there were no pedestrians walking on the sidewalk. I pulled off of the sidewalk and got the rest of the car back onto the road. Then I realized that I blew a tire during that whole fiasco. I pulled into a parking lot nearby and went to look at the tire, and as I got out of the car a guy that was standing in his front yard had just seen the whole thing and he whistled at me and shouted… “HEY YOU LOST YOUR HUBCAP BACK THERE.”  I shouted back… “THANK YOU” and looked at the tire. I totally killed it and also found out that I hit the stop sign; because the car’s body had a long scratch on it. Then as I went to go grab the hubcap this sweet elderly man comes up and hands it me, I thanked him and then grabbed my phone from out of the car and called my ex brother in-law for help. I didn’t know how to change a tire and lucky for me he was home and nice enough to come and assist me.

While my mom and I were waiting this guy comes up and told us that he saw the whole thing from his office, and he also said to me that the best accidents you can have while you’re still learning how to drive are the ones that are minor, and don’t involve calling the police. He was right about that too. After enlightening me he helped loosen the bolts so that my ex brother in-law wouldn’t have a hard time changing the tire and then after helping with that he left.

Shortly after that guy left my ex brother in-law showed up and removed the tire and put the donut on, and then I drove home without another mishap.

With that minor causality I learned two things. 1 never turn the steering wheel all the way to the right unless you need to. 2 the minor accidents are the best accidents you can have while you’re still learning how to drive.

Well that was my second driving mishap.

Thanks for checking out my blog and have a great day.


14 thoughts on “My Second Driving Mishap

  1. Haha, this reminds me of my step-daughter. I let her drive my car one day when we went to Burger King. We went through the drive thru and it took all of my restraint not to laugh because she had parked herself about 3 feet away from the window and was stretching hard to reach the girl at the window.


  2. I’ve enjoyed your driving adventures. The people who passed by were kind and helpful to you; very nice. I’ve been driving for more years than I’m going to admit, and I still get mad at myself for some of the things I do – especially with curbs. When our son wanted to learn to drive, I took him to an empty K-Mart parking lot. I put him behind the wheel and told him to have at it. He tried everything – speeding, braking, turning, parking, donuts. It made it easier when we got on the road, but I still white-knuckled it for a while.


  3. Awh haha…. Almost the exact same thing happened to me when I was learning to drive! I drove up onto a curb, blew the tire, and ripped something off the bottom of the car…. I recently got into a bigger accident, and have decided that public transportation will be the way to go for me 🙂 Stay safe my friend!!


  4. I would say that if you’re going to have an accident, a minor one is the best kind to have at -any- stage of your driving. (>^-‘)>

    Also, they make KFC/Taco Bells!? I…I want one of those here. I guess it makes sense, since they’re both Pepsi-owned, but all I’ve seen are KFC/A&Ws and KFC/Long John Silvers.


  5. My big brother was teaching me to drive. I stopped too hard at the traffic lights and found myself nearly at the other side of the intersection facing oncoming traffic. What the heck do I do? I asked him. Very quietly, he said steer yourself over there to the correct side of the road. He’s never been that patient with me again! Good luck with your driving lessons from someone who took a -very – long – time – to – become – confident – behind – the – wheel.
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and liking it.


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