Say something

We’ve all had those moments when we just wanted to say something to someone; be it good or bad. Over the past three weeks there have been quite a few occasions where I wanted to tell people off, and there has been one occasion that I wanted to apologize to someone whom I’m currently not speaking to.

This brings me to my topic of the day, and also my question of the day.

Why is it that when we have the opportunity to say something we never do it?

We don’t say I love you when the moment is right in front of us, when people are being mean and nasty we don’t speak up, when we haven’t seen someone in a while we’re too afraid to say we missed them, and even when we have the opportunity to speak up against something that we don’t think is right we won’t say something then either.

I think that no matter what the outcome we should always say what’s on our mind. I mean it’s no good to just keep things bottled up, and it’s definitely not a healthy thing to do.

Although that whole thing about telling somebody off perhaps that’s something that you shouldn’t do unless that person really needs to be told off. But don’t take my advice and go tell off your boss and then come back and write me a nasty comment telling me that you were fired, or something like that; because you took my advice. I’m not trying to give you the wrong idea. So please if your boss is on your list of people who you want to tell off don’t do it.

So here’s my question for you.

Is there somebody out there that you wanted to say something to, or is there just something that you want to say?

Like maybe your feelings for someone, or maybe that you admire them, or that you miss them, or maybe you have someone whom you’d like to apologize to, or is there’s maybe some sort of cause that you want to stand up for that you haven’t yet, or said something good about the cause that you have yet to say.

Leave me comment a telling me if there’s somebody who you wanted to say something to, and if you’d like tell me what you wanna say to that person. Or also tell me about a cause that you wanna stand up for, and what good things you’d like to say about it.

Alright thanks for checking out my blog have a great day, and be kind to one another.


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