Over this past weekend I gained a new follower, won my second game of Rummy, and I came up with a new idea for a song.

Saturday I decided that I would try to get more traffic for my blog; because over the past few weeks I haven’t had that many views, so I took a suggestion from WordPress about how to get more traffic by tagging your posts. I started doing that earlier in the week and I received a bit more traffic, and I even had a couple of likes for couple of posts that I wrote last week. So what I decided to do was tag a few of my posts. I tagged some of my posts from my book, a few funny posts that I wrote, and also a couple inspirational posts I wrote hoping to get some more traffic. It worked I gained my seventh follower which is awesome.

Later during the day I walked my dog around Green Hill Park and aside from working on the blog, and walking my dog I didn’t really do too much after that I just chilled for the rest of the day.

Sunday my sister and I walked our dogs together, and then went over to a friend’s to hang out. We also needed to do some laundry; because we have yet to purchase a washer for our new apartment, and we also didn’t have forty to sixty bucks to go to the laundry mat. Lucky we have such understanding and kind friends.

While we were waiting for our clothes we played Rummy and I won which was awesome because this was my second time playing the game, and the first time I lost pretty badly actually, so this time I got my revenge. (Ha Ha)

Once we finished the game we made plans to hang out next weekend for our friend’s Birthday and I’m psyched because it’s gonna be a lot of fun. Shortly after making our plans we finished up our laundry and came home.

Late Saturday night I came up with this song title and I got this chorus stuck in my head, so I made a note and wrote down the song title hoping that I could work on it Sunday, so once I put my laundry away I tried to work on it, but got nowhere and I just decided to leave it for another day.

Well I guess that was my weekend in a nut shell.

Oh wait a minute I almost forgot something I’d like to congratulate my cousin Kristi on the arrival of her first baby little Joey. Congrats once again he is the most adorable thing.

Thanks for checking out my blog and welcome to my new follower I hope that you enjoy the blog.


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