“Helpful” dating tips

Don’t you just love it when your friends and family try to assist you with your love life by telling you what to do, where to go, and how to meet someone?

Once I moved out here I had this idea that maybe I could find somebody to date, or eventually start-up a relationship with.

But there were a few obstacles in the way.

The house that we moved into in Wales was out in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, and it was a small town populated by strange people, and also the closest towns were a ways away.

So I had all of that working against me and when I told my friends and family about it they had some interesting “Helpful” tips as to how I could find someone.

Tip 1 My dad suggested that maybe I should go to AA meeting, or Al-Aon meeting to meet somebody. Of course this was always his number one suggestion for everything.

If you had a bad back don’t go to a chiropractor go to an Al-Aon meeting. If you had a sin to confess don’t go to church go to an AA meeting.

Tip 2 One of my friends suggested that I should go to a bar to meet someone. That’s fine I guess but I kinda wanna be sober when I meet someone not wasted.

Tip 3 You go down to the Wales Market and the guy that owns the store says “I think I know someone who you might like.” And I asked my regular questions like how old the person is, what they’re like the usual. I liked what I heard so he went ahead and told the other person about me.

A few days later I went back over there and found out that the person he was trying to set me up with was in their thirties and had a fourteen year old son. Needless to say the date never came to pass.

Tip 4 Another friend tells me “Chelsea I got someone you’ll love you two are a lot alike this person is a writer and a songwriter, and is as sweet as can be.” I said great how old?


Umm yeah I’m not a pedophile.

Now here’s my tip for you don’t let anyone give you advice on where to go to meet someone and definitely don’t let somebody try to set you up with someone. You know what you want so just start looking.

Thanks for checking out my blog and have a great day.


19 thoughts on ““Helpful” dating tips

  1. Agree, never let other people to select or decide for you, if the right person shows up, you will know it. Just one advice, If that happens just be yourself, cliché, I know but still true.


  2. haha. It doesn’t matter what age you are, the problem of how to meet people is something well all deal with. I live in a Hamlet, which in the US might be like where you live. It’s on a mountain top, it’s own little community, and we know too much about others in the community. 🙂


  3. lol preach it! never listen to anyone when it comes to this stuff. and whenever someone tries to set you up on a blind date – just always say no.


  4. I laughed at your Dad’s suggestion! My Dad always thought the singles’ dances in Columbus, Ohio were the way to go, then it was suggested by Mom, church, and then, my brother, volunteer at a political rally, stuff envelopes, that was more the way to go… I did find a girlfriend her husband from listening in on a conversation, so don’t always rule out friends!! The guy may become a friend who knows a friend…


  5. Thanks for the tips…LOL. My mom always told me to either go to church or somewhere where I could meet someone rich…. if I hung around them long enough, surely I’d fall in love… LOL Never worked for me, but I got a good one anyway… 😀


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