Words can have a variety of emotion attached to them, words can make you happy, they can make you feel special, they can make you feel loved, safe, protected. But when you negatively use them they can have horrible and disturbing effects.

When you call a person an idiot, stupid, dumb, or retarded it hurts and if that person hears that enough they’ll eventually start to believe it.

The same thing can be said about gays and lesbians when you call them names like queer, or fag. When you call a person names like that purely just because of whom they choose to love it can have severely damaging effects. When someone is gay and is still trying to figure out what they’re feeling and you come along and call them a fag, or say something much worse like die fagot. That just makes that person feel like they’re the lowest thing on the planet.

But what’s even worse than that are the gays and lesbians that actually take their own lives just for being who they are; because of being bullied or harassed everyday by someone of has absolutely no right to judge them.

I’m writing this anti-bully article today because the bullying that goes on needs to be stopped I’ve heard of so many suicides, or suicide attempts because of someone being bullied and it makes me sick.

Now if you’ve read the article I wrote called: The Defining Moment you would know that I too have struggled with bullying throughout my academic career. In fact being bullied was part of the reason that I dropped out of school, but not the entire reason and if you want to know more about that you can read The Defining Moment.

Today I’m going to share with you some of the experiences that I’ve encounter with being bullied throughout most of my academic career hoping that maybe it will inspire you not to bully someone.

The bullying started in my first year of junior high in the beginning about the only thing that I was really bullied for was my height; because when I first started junior high I was only 4ft, 5in or something like that; while everybody else was probably around 5ft or taller.

My eighth grade year was when it steadily began to worse. I was not only being bullied because of my size, but also because of the classes I was in. I would hear people laughing behind my back, or I’d hear from a friend that someone was making fun of me because the classes that I attended.

At first it didn’t bother me, but as the bullying got worse my self-esteem plummeted; which in some ways it still affects me, and I’m 21 going on 22 you’d think that once the bullying stopped everything would be fine. But in some ways it’s not; because when someone verbally abuses you like that your left with permanent scarring that would never completely go away.

Also during my eighth grade year I went through a bad breakup with a guy who everybody in the school loved, but there was a side to him that no one really knew about. He had anger issues and there were a couple of incidents where he took out his anger on me in a physical way, and once that happened I broke up with him. The day after I broke up with him I did do something really stupid though. To make sure that my ex didn’t pull me back in like he’d done multiple times before I decided to started dating a guy that really liked me, and I also really him, however I did end up breaking his heart about a year later.

But because I did start calling him my boyfriend there were some girls around the school that started calling me a slut and a whore; because I broke up with my ex and immediately started dating the other guy.

At that age especially for a teenaged girl that’s the very last thing would ever want to be called, and also to be called those types of names when you still have your innocence makes it one hundred times worse. Thankfully that was put a stop to right away before it could get any worse.

For the rest of my 8th grade career I started to be bullied by teachers and this lasted until I dropped out at 11th grade, and got my GED.

Being bullied by students is one thing, but it’s something else when teachers begin to bully you.

Teachers are supposed to be the ones that protect you not join in with everyone else. Once my junior year of high school started my mother and I tried to reason with the school, but no one would listen they said “Oh well we do not tolerate bullying and even if someone is bullying you we would talk with them, and then they’ll stop.”

I knew it was a lie because if the school really did have a zero tolerance policy for bullying there wouldn’t have been any sort of bullying in the first place. That’s when I’d finally had enough and I put a stop to it on my own.

My bullying may have stopped, but sadly it’s still effecting billions and it’s a serious problem that needs to be stopped dead in its tracks, so my advice to you is be the bigger man or woman help put a stop to it.

Tell your school and see if maybe you could get an anti-bullying program started. If we take the steps to stop it now we won’t have to hear about another suicide brought on by bullying.

Help stop bullying now and make the world a better place for us all.

Stand up to bullying


2 thoughts on “Anti-Bullying

  1. Bullying sucks. Thanks for sharing your story, and for speaking out against a problem that seems to never go away. Thanks too for visiting my blog. I look forward to getting to know your work.


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