How to write a rap

One thing that I’ve learned about writing any type of song is whether it’s a catchy pop love song, a storytelling country song, or rap song is that you’ve really got to work at it as well as understand the genere.

For me writing a pop love song is easy heck I could do it in my sleep, but when I first started out trying to write rap songs I had zero flow, and to be honest trying to come with a good rhyme every other word was nightmare. So I thought I’d share a little advice for anyone out there that sucks at writing raps as much as I did and to be honest at times I still kind of do, but I’m getting the hang of it.

Step 1 This will always apply listen to music.

I know that I’ve said this before in How to write a song, but really it’s a good piece of advice listen to anyone that you vibe with.

Step 2 If you’re having trouble coming up with rhymes right off the top of your head sit down with a notebook and a pen, and just start coming up with rhymes. Even if they’re little rhymes like traded, jaded, faded, related. The more you sit and the more you just write down each word that rhymes with another word the easier it’ll be for you to think of rhymes right off of the bat.

Step 3 Write about things you know don’t try to be all fake because then your songs will just sound like crap.

Step 4 Write from your heart.

Step 5 Once you’ve got rhyming down tell your story with, and make sure that everything flows.

Step 6 Don’t lose your flow always make sure that no matter what song to write that your flow is present.

Step 7 Get people’s opinion on your raps and see what they think who knows they might even have some helpful tips to make your song better.

Step 8 Gloat to your friends that you know how to write raps. Just kidding don’t do that.

Alright thanks for checking out my blog and I hope these tips are helpful.


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