10 New Driving DON’TS!

When I first got my learners permit I was so excited, I thought in just six months I would become a licensed driver, and that I would no longer need to bum rides off of everyone I knew. On the first day that I had my learners permit my sister let me drive on back roads where there wasn’t a lot of traffic; needless to say from that moment on I was hooked, so my sister allowed me to drive two more times that day.

Before I got my permit my sister and I agreed that she would be my tutor we thought that it would be best because my mother didn’t exactly want to teach how to drive, so for the first couple of weeks I learned with my sister.

During those first two weeks I learned a lot about what your licensed driver should NOT do while someone with a learners permit is driving.

1 Making corrections

While the learner is driving and makes a mistake it’s best to correct him or her gently.

DON’T start yelling or screaming at the new driver.

2 Learning how to park

When teaching the new driver how to park it’s best to stay patient.

DON’T lose all patience and order the new driver back into the passenger seat.

3 Go the speed limit

When the new driver is in the driver’s seat its best that you give him or her clear instructions on the speed you would like him or her to go.

DON’T say “I want you to go ten below the posted speed limit.” Then when people start to flash their lights from behind don’t say “Okay go a little bit faster.” Then don’t say “No wait go the speed that you were going before.”

4 Keep the driver calm

When the new driver is behind the wheel keep him or her calm.

DON’T say this… “If you hit that guard rail I will kill you because will kill us.”

Especially do not say that when it’s the new driver’s first time driving on a four-lane highway.

5 Don’t make fun of the new driver

When the new driver is driving in town for the first time again gently correct him or her.

DON’T poke fun at the new driver for accidentally stopping in the middle of a cross walk on a red light when the traffic is backed up.

6 Don’t pullover

On the way home DON’T pullover and let the new driver drive on that four-lane highway with the guard rail that you told the new driver you would kill him or her if they hit it.

7 Don’t make the new driver nervous

When the new driver is driving home on that four-lane highway with the guard rail DON’T have the new driver change into the fast lane, and make the new driver nervous.

Do have them move back into the slow lane.

8 Don’t be paranoid

When the new driver is driving in the slow lane again definitely DON’T fight over the steering wheel when you’re driving next to the guard rail; otherwise the new driver will scrape the side of the car into the guard rail.

9 Don’t stop in the middle of the road

Once the new driver has scrapped up the side of the car DON’T have them stop in the middle of the road so that you can takeover.

10 Learn to drive with somebody else

When you’re a new driver DON’T drive with someone who gets paranoid, impatient, yells and screams, makes you nervous, doesn’t trust you, or fights over the steering wheel.

After the guard rail incident I learned how to drive with my mom and only had one mishap.

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12 thoughts on “10 New Driving DON’TS!

  1. It sounds like you had quite an adventure those first couple weeks. I’m glad that things worked out in the end, but goodness; you most definitely had a crash course in driving. >.> Thank you for sharing. Your post definitely made me smile and call to mind my own adventures in first learning to drive (such as freaking out and slamming on the brakes because you weren’t able to change lanes in time to avoid the car that was stopped to turn ahead of you on the freeway).


  2. Very funny! You should probably add a number 11: don’t let your sister teach you how to drive :-). Family members tend to blurt out what they’re thinking faster than a driving instructor, lol. Happy driving!


  3. These don’ts should be all around. It’s been a long time since my learner’s permit, but I’ll never forget how much I hated when I noticed how paranoid were the people by my side. I s’pose they somehow think they’re co-pilots 🙂


  4. LOL I’m the mom of one with a permit and another who just got her license! This was a good reminder of what I shouldn’t do (not that I was doing it but just in case!) It’s great hearing it from the other side. 🙂


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