How to get rid of a cold

Over this past week I’ve been sick with a cold and have tried everything under the sun to shake it; including crazy remedies that my family has told me about. There are some that I would recommend and others I wouldn’t try if you paid me.

Here’s some of the remedies my family has told me about.

1 For a sore throat gargle salt water. (Yuck)

2 For a runny nose take a Benadryl

3 For nasal congestion take a mucus reliever

4 For cough suck on cough drops

Those were the good remedies now for the crazy remedies.

1 Take two spoon fulls of vinegar

This should help with that sore shoulder then you tell the family member you’re talking to that you just have cold not a sore shoulder. “Well try it anyway it might help.”

2 Take a tea-spoon of baking soda to help with your stomach after taking the two spoon fulls of vinegar.

3 Go for a walk get some fresh air that outa help

4 If you’re dizzy try standing up for ten minutes

5 After an has passed since you took the vinegar you find out that this remedy would be better to use for a UTI

Well that’s all of the remedies.

Seriously though the best remedy to get rid of a cold is cold medicine, chicken noodle soup, water, and plenty of rest.

Alright everyone happy TGIF thank for checking my blog and have great day.


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