Iced Toyota

Five years ago I was at this after school program and it was probably in early December. It was going on eight o clock that night, and I was waiting for my mother to pick me up. The temperature outside was 25 degrees, so I waited inside.

Fifteen minutes later my mother arrived so I went out to get into the car when I noticed that the car was completely frozen over, and thought what was there an ice storm, or something? I mean the car looked like a Popsicle right after you remove it from the freezer.

After trying to open the passenger side door a few times my mother had to open it from the inside of the car. I got inside and asked her what happened to the car and she says to me…

“Shut up.” If you know my mother this meant that she had just done something either really embarrassing or she had just done something really stupid. So I asked her why she was so upset and she replies… “I froze the car.” I looked at her for a second then I just started laughing, and then in between laughs I asked her… “How the hell did you manage to freeze the car over?”

My mother then begins to shake her head and says… “I decided to wash the car before I picked you up.” I then asked… “Which car wash did you go to the automatic car wash or the manual one where you wash the car yourself?” She responded…  “The manual one.” So again I start laughing. Once I finished laughing I said… “Mom you do realize that it’s only 25 degrees outside right?” She then begins to answer my question and she also takes me through her though process and here’s what she told me… “Well the car needed to be washed because of the recent snowstorm so I thought that I’d wash it as I went to pick you up. I thought that if the car wash was still open that it would be okay to wash the car; because why would they keep it open if it were too cold. So I pull up and there’s nobody else there but me I got out of the car put the quarters in the machine and I started to wash the car. It wasn’t until I was soaping the car that I realized that the soap and water was freezing to the car. So I tried to rinse the car off, but it only made it worse. By the way if you’re wonder why I’m fifteen minutes late picking you up it’s because all of the car doors were frozen shut and I couldn’t get into the car. Anyway I guess that explains everything.”

I sat there for a moment going over the whole thing in my head and I slowly began cracking up, while my mother just shook her head and said… “Yeah that’s right just keep laughing go right on ahead.” We made it home and a few days later all of the icy soap and water melted away.

My poor mom it was pretty funny though.

Alright I hope you all have great day and don’t freeze your car.

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