How to write a song

Here’s something that you may not know about me, in addition to writing books, and new posts every Monday through Friday. I also write songs and I’ve been writing song since well I think the age of fifteen.

When I first started out I sucked and I mean I completely sucked; which naturally you would because it’s something new that you’ve never tried before. It took four years to get my craft of songwriting down. Once I got it down it clicked and it all came to me in this song I wrote called Cherish you. I had finally figured out how to write a song that actually sounded good, not some lame amateur song that I wrote when I was sixteen. I also learned that I have something that love to write about love songs. This all came to from writing Cherish you a song that expressed my feelings for a friend that I was in love with who was after someone who simply liked to just tease my friend. In case you’re wondering no my friend has not seen this song, and we’re not really speaking to each other at this point.

The best advice I can give you would be this list to try.

1 If you’re unable to make the song turn out the way you hear it in your head take some time to just chill, and listen to a song that you think best matches what you’re trying to say in your song.

2 If you feel like the song your writing isn’t the best you can come up with, either start from scratch, or again listen to music you’d surprised as to how much just listening to music would help bring out your song.

3 Speak from your heart don’t write about something that isn’t you.

4 If you’ve got this chorus in your head for example something like: Caught up, caught up, caught in love, and you can’t get it out of your head start to think of a sentence that could go with that chorus. For example: I’m so caught up, caught up, caught up in love with you that I don’t know what to do.

5 Build up another sentence to go with the previous sentence. For example: Because you’re everything that I want, but don’t know how you feel about me.

6 Keep the flow going add onto that last sentence by keeping the song a little suspenseful. For example: Could this really be something? I know how I feel, but I really want to know if you feel the same. I wonder if you think about me.

7 Finish the story off. For example: I’m not gonna keep myself guessing I’m just gonna ask you. So last night I called you up, and I told you how I felt. I was relived to find out that you’ve been wanting to tell me that you’re in love with me. Now its two months later, and we’re so happy I’m so glad that you’re caught up, caught up, caught up in love with me.

8 Go over the song and see if there’s any changes that you wanna make, and once you’ve gone over the song Congratulations you’ve just wrote a song.

I hope these tips have been helpful for you. Thanks for checking out my blog and if you have any questions leave me a comment. Or just leave me a comment in general if you’d like.

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