How to cure writer’s block

Don’t you hate when you’ve got writer’s block? It’s a lot like procrastination you sit at your computer, and you say… “I am going to get back to writing my book.” You haven’t worked on it for a while, but you know that you need to. So you open up your file and you scrawl down to the last sentence you wrote. Its right then when you remember why you stopped working on it in the first place you had writer’s block. So you procrastinate by listening to music or watching YouTube videos, and then you open the file back up after watching YouTube videos for a half an hour and say… “Nope I’ve still got nothing.” Writer’s block is very similar to procrastination you even do the exact same things that you do when you’re procrastinating.

So here’s how you get rid of writer’s block.


Get up out of your chair and do one of two things.

Either jog in place for a few minutes, or do some jumping jacks just to get your blood flowing.


Sit down at your computer grab a pencil and tap it lightly on your head and say… “Think, think, think.” Make sure that you say think at least three times.


Get out of your chair and pace around the room for a little bit.


Sit back down and put your hands on the keyboard and just sit there and watch your cursor blink.


Admit to yourself that you’ve got nothing and just start watching YouTube videos.


Say… “At least I tried, kind of.”

Seriously though try to get your blood flowing, or pace around the room for a bit. Either one of those may help, but don’t ask me because I’ve never tried either one of those techniques. Actually I do pace every once in a while and it does help me a little.

I hope your all having a great day. 🙂 Thanks for checking out my blog. 🙂

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