Writing a new post

Almost every day I sit at my computer trying to think of something write about sometimes it’s easy sometimes it’s hard, and sometime you go and sit down and you think to yourself I’ve got nothing.

When this happens here’s what usually follows.


You stare at your computer and watch your cursor blink as you try to come up with an idea, and this goes on for about twenty minutes. Then someone comes into your room and asks “What are you doing?” Then you say “Watching my cursor blink.” Then they ask “Why?” Then you say “Because I’m high.” At least that’s what I wanna say when people ask me why I’m staring at my cursor and watching it blink; I also wanna say “I’m a writer and at the present time I’m having a little writer’s block why else would I watch my cursor blink.” Usually after I say that they go away and let me try to work. But I have writer’s block so they should’ve just stayed and watched my cursor blink with me.


You finally have an idea, but I always like to have a title before I actually start writing my new post, so that means more staring at the blinking cursor until I have a title.


You’ve come up with a title now you can actually write. You start off confident so you type like the wind until you temporarily get stuck. Then you get back on track then you get stuck a couple more times.


You’ve finished writing your post now you need to edit, so you read through what you’ve written a couple of times, fix your mistakes, and then think to yourself… Wait haven’t I written a post very similar to this?


You log onto your WordPress account and read through all of your random posts, and then you read what you’ve just wrote and say… “Well maybe no one will notice.”


You publish your latest post and wonder if anyone will read it.


People read it and leave comments saying… “It’s a lot like yesterday’s post.” In return you leave a comment saying… “Really I didn’t notice.” Then that same person leaves another comment saying… “Yep it’s the same post you should really work on trying to come up with something totally different, instead of the same old same old.” You then reply… “Look I was having a little writer’s block you know it isn’t easy coming up with something new five days week. If you think you’re so smart you try it.” In reply to your comment they say… “I do I’m a writer you should know you follow my blog.” Then you reply… “Oh.”

The next day you log onto your WordPress account and find that you’ve lost all of your follows except one, and then you realize the on follower is you.


You close your WordPress account.

Alright so maybe writing a new post isn’t quite that dramatic or stupid, but you do get writer’s block, and you do wind up staring at your computer screen watching your cursor blink until you’ve come up with something.

I hope you’re all have a good and be kind to one another.


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