Weekend Plans

Over the weekend I went to my first Boston Red Sox game, went shopping, had a frozen ice cream cookie shake at UNO’s, found out that I’m going back to Colorado for a weekend in June, and on Sunday night I came home with a terrible headache.


Saturday morning I found out that my sister won four Boston Red Sox tickets at work, and I also found out that I was her default choice which meant that if her New York Yankee loving boyfriend decided that he didn’t want to go then I took his seat. However, when I found out that my sister wasn’t inviting me it completely pissed me off, but whatever.

In the early afternoon my sister went to go pick up her paycheck then once she got back she gave me a little bit from her paycheck because she’s been slowly paying me back from our thirty day moving experience. Afterward we went out grocery shopping; and we also went to UNO’s for drinks I forgot my ID so no booze for me. Instead I got this frozen ice cream cookie shake and it wasn’t half bad. We also went to Old Navy and Famous Footwear, but we didn’t buy anything because both my sister and I were on a budget, so we just looked.

While my sister was at the nail salon I found out that we’re going back to Colorado in June for a weekend for my sister’s family reunion which I thought that we had canceled because she couldn’t take any more time off of work, and also because we’re going to Colorado again in August for my brother’s wedding. But it was nice to hear that we are going back to Colorado in June. So at least I’ll be getting a couple of vacations this year plus I’ll get to see all of my friends and family in Colorado so I’m psyched.

Once we got home my sister left to see her boyfriend while I took a shower. By the time I had gotten out of the shower I found out that I was going to the game with my sister and couple of her friends.


I got up around nine had a little breakfast then got dressed for the game. While getting dressed I realized something, I had a New England Patriots T-shirt, but no Red Sox paraphernalia, so just went with a navy blue hoodie sweatshirt. I figured that I’d at least blend in with the crowd. As we drove to Fenway Park I was excited I’d never been to Fenway, nor had I ever been to an actual MLB game before.

The game was pretty good there were a lot of foul balls and during the 8th inning everyone in the stadium did the wave four consecutive times in a row. We stayed at the game until the 11th inning when Boston and Baltimore were tied 6-6. I think Boston lost after 17 innings I think the score was 9-6; either way it was a good game well for the 11 inning I saw anyway.

By the time I got home on Sunday night I had a terrible headache that took a few hours to go away, but I had good day, and a really fun weekend.


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