My stupid mistake

Before we first moved into our new place my sister warned me that the neighborhood we were about to move into was a rough neighborhood, so I’d better make sure to watch my back. When she first told me this I just let it roll off my back. I figured whatever this wasn’t the first rough neighborhood I’d ever lived in, and to be honest my sister has always been extremely paranoid.

But when we were unloading our moving truck I began to think that maybe she wasn’t as paranoid as I thought. While I was unloading the moving truck this weirdo came up to the moving truck and stared at our kitchen table. At that point I couldn’t decide whether he wanted to help unload it, or steal it. When I was grabbing something else out of the truck he told me that our kitchen table reminded him of a table that he chopped down for compost and then right after that he walked away.

The next day my sister and I were just coming home with Dunkin Donuts, with some breakfast to eat before we finished unloading the rest of the truck. As we pulled onto our street we saw a few police cars across the street from our house and they were talking with this couple. We found out later that there was a domestic dispute involving fire arms; then of course as we were unloading another weirdo came up and offered to help us with a couple pieces of heavy furniture. Once that was done and we said thank you we told him that we didn’t need any more help, but he wouldn’t leave us alone. After a few minutes we’d finally convinced him that he didn’t need his assistance.

A week later I hadn’t had any run in’s with weirdoes, but I still remembered what my sister said mainly because she pounded it my head and my mother’s head constantly. So I was letting our dogs out and I usually take them out one at a time because we had a yard, but no fence so you always have to take them out on a leash. I took my sister’s dog out first. As we I walked out of the house there was this guy in this van that was parked outside of our house. So he asked me if I knew our landlord because he was interested in his motorcycle, and I said that I didn’t really know him and that we’d just moved here. When I came back around with my sister’s dog to take him inside the guy in the van asked me where the landlord kept the bike and said “I think the basement.” I shouldn’t have said that stupid mistake number one. So I went back inside and took my dog out. Everything was going fine the guy with the van was across the street talking to someone. My dog finished his business then as I was taking him inside he got out of his collar and he ran over this other who was walking by. I apologized for my dog and put his collar on tight. Then as I was taking my dog inside the guy asked me if we were getting settled in okay? I said yes. Then he asked me if we needed some supplies and my mind automatically thought that he was probably a drug dealer. So I said no thanks and walked inside, but as I was shutting the door I saw the guy with van and the guy that my dog had ran to walk over to the side of the house. This was bad because our basement was on that side and it had a glass door so you could get in from the yard. So I freaked out and tried to find my cell phone because I thought that they were going to steal the motorcycle. (Mistake number two)

Luckily my mother talked me out of trying to call the police and we decided to go outside and see what was going on. It turns out that guy that my dog had ran over to when he got out his collar was our landlord whom I had met when we first came over with the moving truck. But when I met him I only saw him for second, and it was also really late so I was tired, plus that was the same day that I had fallen out of the moving truck and sprained my left foot and right ankle. So as you can imagine I wasn’t really in the mood for chit chat that night.

As my mother and I talked with our landlord we found out that the guy with the van was a friend of his. Then I apologized for nearly calling the police on him and for also telling him that I thought he was drug dealer. (Mistakes number three and four)

Lucky for me our landlord is a very nice and forgiving guy. So all in all I learned to actually think before I act, and to not tell your new landlord that you thought the he was a drug dealer.

I can’t believe that I’m actually going to put this story up on my blog; by the end of the day I’ll have probably lost my grand total of five followers on this blog.

Alright I hope you’re all having a good day, be kind one another, and thanks for reading.


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