Every day I sit at my computer hoping that I could come up with a good topic, and it usually goes alright. Usually when I have trouble I try to think of something that could be inspiring, funny, or something that’s going on in my life. Or it could be Tuesday which means I’m giving you a new plot piece or introducing you to a new character from my book.

I started this blog hoping to gain some fans and to be able to post this message one day.

“Jenny Mac coming to a Barns & Noble near you!”

Man I can’t wait until the day I get post that.

Anyway, when I was finishing up Jenny for the first time in 2006 I was just happy that I wrote a book. It wasn’t until a good friend told me that I should get my book published that I thought gee maybe I could try it.

So my school counselor set me up to work with a good friend of his who helped me transform my book from a school notebook into an edited freshly printed book. If it hadn’t been for my good friend believing in me, my school guidance counselor, and a good friend of his; I wouldn’t have had the inspiration to submit Jenny towards publication.

So I have a question for you.

What inspires you?

Has there been someone, or something that’s given you the inspiration to go to school, or go back to school, to start a career, a business, or to follow your dreams?

Leave me a comment telling me how you’ve been inspired, or if one of my posts has inspired you, and I hope it has let me know.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day, and thanks for reading my latest post.

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