The road to success

Before I left Colorado in October 2010 I thought that I was ready. Ready to leave Colorado, ready to start my career, ready to meet new people, ready to leave the pain that I received from a broken heart behind, and finally ready to reconnect with my sister of whom a rarely saw or knew for that matter. Mainly because we both lived in two separate states; she lived in Massachusetts and I lived in Colorado.

In 2010 change was in the air I went from a nineteen year old studying for my GED to a nineteen year old with a diploma. I went from cleaning offices and houses to trying to jump-start my career. In July I went from nineteen to twenty, and finally in October of that year I went from zip code 80528 to 01081.

With my manuscript in hand was ready to get my book out there, even though I had absolutely no plan of attack, so I started researching publishing houses then I found out I needed an agent.

While trying to figure how I to find the proper agent I gave my book to my next door neighbor to get her opinion on book, and also because she wanted to read it. Once I got it back from her she told me that it was good, but I was missing a few elements to make the story really pop. So she told me that I needed to expose the WIA and that I also needed more of a background on my villain Joseph Johnson, so in December I took the book back from my neighbor and within a month’s time the book was shaping up nicely.

Once I printed off the improved Jenny Mac I gave it to my neighbor to read again while still trying to figure out what agency I should send the book to. I got the book back from my neighbor a week later and all of the editions and changes that I made over the past month were a success, and next piece of advice she gave me was before I send the book out I needed to have an editor go over it. So I put finding an agency on hold for the next few months while my sister and I tried to work on editing Jenny Mac. Unfortunately we found out that we suck at trying to edit my story together. However she did give me some good ideas as far as bringing out the love story between Brenda and Jason, so in my spare time I added that to the story.

Finally in June 2011 I was able to find an editor my grandmother in Nebraska at her old job working at CSU she would get a little extra money by editing students work before they handed it in to their professors. So I sent the book out for editing.

In July 2011 I got the book back and fixed everything that needed to be fixed; then in August 2011 I gave my book to my neighbor one last time because she wanted to see the finished product, but in June she moved because our former landlords in Wales put the house on the market so she decided to move before someone bought the house. When I sent the book via email to her I unfortunately never heard back.

For the rest of the year money was tight so I had to wait until my finances were straightened out before I could send it out; then once everything was a go life got in the way.

My Thirty Day Moving Experience from hell to be specific.

When I was double checking the agency’s website before sending it off I ran into a wall they didn’t accept any unsolicited manuscripts, so I decided to do what I did in 2011 buy the latest Writer’s Market reference book to find a new agent.

It was while I was reading the reference book that I came across the term “building a platform.” I read about it in last year’s book, but paid it no mind. When I finally took the time to actually pay attention to the advice in the article it made a lot sense.

I needed to create a fan base so I created The Jenny Mac Book Blog because when I do send it in to the agency if they like your book they of course look for a publisher to represent the book. But if the publisher doesn’t think that your book can sell then your f****d, but if you have a fan base setup then you’re more likely to be a success.

I’m sending book off soon I have agencies setup, now the only thing I’m waiting for is fans aka followers for my blog.

The road to success may be a long one, but in the end it’s all worth it. In 2010 I was ready to leave Colorado, and I was definitely ready to start my career even though it’s taken longer than I anticipated, but if you love what you do it doesn’t matter how long or how far that road takes you as long as you persevere and never give up.


8 thoughts on “The road to success

  1. Hey, quite insightful for an aspiring writer like myself. The publishing scene can be tough. In India , it is even more unorganized. But I liked your post. And I hope you get published soon!


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