How one idea can lead to a story

An idea can come and go, but it’s the ideas that keep coming back to you that are the ones you would want to use; or stick to. At least that was my experience with Jenny Mac.

One day this thought popped into my head revolving around a thirteen year girl who loses her parents in a tragic car accident. At first I thought nah it’s not enough I needed the idea to be much bigger and better than that; so I cast it aside. But a few weeks later another piece of the idea that had popped into my head from the previous weeks came to me.

A thirteen year old girl who lost her parents in a tragic car accident is sent to live with an old friend of her mother’s. In that moment I knew I had something that could be transformed into a story, and shortly after the last idea came to me another idea came that made me start actually writing the book.

A thirteen year old girl is sent to live with her godmother after a tragic car accident takes the lives of both of her parents. Once Brenda and Jenny begin living with each other both must help each other over come the loss of best friends, and parents. Once they were able to get their lives back to some scene of normal is when they met a man who wants Brenda dead Joe Johnson; and it’s when Jenny develops her psychic abilities that Jenny discovers a way to save Brenda from this terrible fate.

That was the original storyline, and most of it stuck to the storyline as the years went on.

Of course as the years go on and you grow as a person naturally your story grows and the plot thickens; then before you know it you’re creating this whole new world around this storyline that you came up with seven years ago, and it’s all thanks to that one idea. That one idea that turned into a dream, that turned into a passion, that turns into a career.

God I sound like a college TV info commercial right now, but anyway my point is keep those ideas coming because you never know what one idea can turn into.


20 thoughts on “How one idea can lead to a story

    1. I also jot down dreams…usually extremely weird dreams, because those are the ones I can remember long enough to jot down–like fighting martians in a giant warehouse of survival gear on Mars to keep them from taking over Earth (and nearly punching the hubby when he woke me up LOL!).

      You never know when a flash of inspiration is going to hit you…and sometimes it actually works out well.


  1. Thanks for the advice! I always have the similar problem of thinking my ideas are not good enough; I always think I have to have this amazing complex story line right off the bat. Thanks for sharing and liking my recent post!


  2. Thoroughly inspirational stuff for an aspiring author! Thanks for liking my poem by the way =)

    I write fiction, short stories, kind of poetry, social commentary, fascinating things, etc, ITS ALL INCREDIBLY GROOVACIOUS

    Kindly follow my blog, for more juice =)


  3. The process of writing a chapter book is fascinating to me. My mind works better at producing poems or very short children’s stories. But I can relate to how the one idea can lead to something more. Don’t you love those “Aha!” Idea moments? Then comes the work of crafting it into something. Happy writing!


    1. Yes I love that moment of clarity when you’ve come with a great idea for a story, and I love the rush of excitement that comes along with it. Thanks so much for checking out my blog, and thanks for subscribing, liking my post, and commenting. 🙂


  4. I really want to write a book, but it has been a while since I wrote very much due to work commitments. I am just trying to write about anything right now just to get back into the habit…


  5. Good advice, this is how I developed my plot for NaNoWriMo, it’s a combination of a few ideas I had that just seem to fit together perfectly. I love it when you’re writing and you don’t know how something will be resolved and your fingers just seem to do all of the work for you and you sit back and go ‘hey that works’.


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