Cats that Spray

How many of you have a cat or cats that spray even after they’ve been fixed?

The reason I asked is because I have two cats that spray, and I’m wondering if anyone knows of a way to keep your cat from spraying.

The spraying started shortly after my sister moved in with my mother and I bringing along her dog and two cats. My dog and my sister’s dog got along great, but my two cats and her two cats however did not (and still don’t).

They like to fight especially at night when we’re all asleep. Now some of you may say get rid of the cats; well we love all of our animals dearly and we have no desire to give them away. Although the other night I came very close to the idea when one of my sister’s cats Pedro sprayed within thirty seconds of letting him in my room. He sprayed my curtain, bed spread , and sheet, and because we have no washer for our new apartment just yet this means that I’m going to have to take all items to the laundry mat.

By the way if you have a cat who’s sprayed your clothes or anything else a good product to use to get that awful smell out is vinegar.

After my sister’s cat sprayed in my room one of my cats who slept with me that night sprayed my futon and three of my pillows, so the next day I had to shampoo my futon to get the smell out.

If you can relate to this topic and you have some helpful hints to stop all of the spraying I’m all ears.


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