Quarter of a century old!

Yesterday I celebrated my 25th Birthday and it still seems odd to think. I feel like I blinked and went from fifteen to twenty-five instantly, but I’d rather not get caught up in the fact that I am officially a quarter of century old. I would much rather talk about the wonderful things that have, are in the process of, and will soon be happening for myself as well as my family.

The first is that I’ve successfully dyed my hair with a homemade dye using baking soda, peroxide, shampoo, and conditioner.


Kind of a silly thing, but it actually turned out well.

2. The reason why I haven’t been around WordPress too often this summer, and it’s also something that I am quite proud of/excited about… I am purchasing my first house, so I shall be very busy for the next two months.

3. I’m going to be fixing up my house, and I’m so excited that I will be working with my hands so that I can make this house into my own.

4. The house comes with an above ground pool; which will be nice to chill out in after a long day.

5. I’ am so happy that I’m going to be sharing this triplex with close friends and family.

You know sometimes I feel that I can sort of judge how this next year is going to go, based on the kind of experience that my Birthday brings, and for the past several they haven’t been the best, but this year feels like there’s a good, positive change in the air. So based on my Birthday and everything that’s happening I think I’m going to have a wonderful year.

So I guess 25 and up might just be my time to shine.

The odds

I’m standing on a threshold, holding my breath as I prepare to dive into the unknown, and although I know that life is uncertain, I know just as well that it’s impossible to predict one moment to the next.

But I do know this to be true and to be certain, life has taught me many lessons, so therefore for the most part I know which roads to which I can venture down and which ones to avoid altogether.

I’ve been through hell and back, survived loads of different weather, and have still managed to keep my sense of humor in tact.

I’ve gone hungry, I gave charitably as often as I could, I’ve treated friends like family, and my family… Well they’re family, and family is family.

I’ve overcome great obstacles, which some would consider impossible odds, and I’ve been giggle and mocked for chasing my dreams, and have been told many times over that I won’t get far.

But I simply look at the naysayers, roll my eyes, and shake them off, for I know what I want out of life; which will always leave me thirsty for more.

I’ve been belittled, I’ve been taunted and pushed, and as I think back on those experiences now I stop and I smile, for I have fought my way through a huge battle, and I’m stronger now than when the battle began.

I am an underdog and I am a champion.

Why going by the book can be a better route

There are many different methods as to how a writer goes about writing a book. Some fit under the category of a seat of the pants author, some go through the entire book writing process by the book, and others go their own route. With each of these strategies you can find success; however I myself have come to find that the most successful strategy might just save you a lot of stressful headaches later on down the line.

The strategy that I am referring to is the reliable “by the book method.” The by the book method is the best way to go because you’re forced to stop, think, and take notes before any of the actual writing begins. In general when you take notes you’re jotting down everything from your main character’s eye color, to how, where, and when your story wraps up.

Of course you might stop and think, what’s wrong with being a seat of the pants writer? As I said before, absolutely nothing; because you should write in whatever way makes you feel comfortable. Although I have come to realize that for my own satisfaction as a writer, it is impossible for me to stick with the old “seat of the pants,” method; being that you write and then edit as you go. Right now I am probably around 47,000 words with Dreamer, my WIP and I have come to realize that it is a complete and total mess, that is beyond the standard editing check.

I have stubbornly come to understand why it’s so much better to “go by the book,” when you go by the book and you take your time with the entire process; instead of diving right in and just writing; you actually slow down and think thoughts and ideas through in a logical manner. If you’re able to stop yourself from just shooting out of the gate, you’ll find yourself happy with the end results of your book. Not only do you know it inside and out, but you’ve really chiseled out a masterpiece.

So henceforth I shall do my best to slow down and go by the book, so that I may fully chisel out my masterpiece.

Poetic love and poetic justice

I come from a country where all people are created equal, and today same sex love has been declared equal.

So I jump up and down shouting hooray, while posting my excitement on Facebook, WordPress, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Today is an historic day and it is one that I will surely remember.

For now love is love and all couples are offically considered equal

Poetry of the writer

My day starts and ends in the same place where it begins.

Here at my desk I sit with a  fresh cup of coffee in hand.

I turn on my laptop with a push of a button, and proceed to to wake up my brain with a read through my favorite blogs.

Book must, Paula acton, along with the ever popular I didn’t have my glasses on, can always be counted upon.

After a delightful mental warm up, I move on to the important stuff.

With a click of a word doc I immerse myself into a world where writing, fighting, preserving, and the art of trying holds the to key to surviving, for young Rebecca Reilly.

I type and I type, and I type some more till I’ve reached that critical juncture.

I’ve either just written one thousand words, or I have just completed a chapter.

Either way it is considered to be, not a bad day worth of work for this aspiring writer.

Top it off with a blog post of my own and I remain one happy writer, and so I end my day in the same place where I began.

Sitting at my desk with a keyboard under my hands.

The pen versus the keyboard

Ordinarily I am a firm believer/user of the good-old keyboard, and why not its efficient, easy to use, and can take you from a word count of 0 to 500 like that. However lately my appreciation for the mighty keyboard has shifted; by way of the Sharpie pen.

When it come to jotting down notes for a story I usually pull up the word doc; however since I began fiddling around with some ideas with my Jenny Mac book series, I decided the safer and far more logical route would be to write in a notebook, so that I would have everything revolving around the book series written down and stored in my filing cabinet. (I’m always paranoid that something may happen with my computer, and if that were to happen I’d lose all of my notes/progress, and then I would be completely SOL.) So that was part my safer bit that I was talking about, but the logical bit?

What’s making me come around with writing the old-fashioned way, is that when I’m writing with a pen and paper I feel that I am less likely to make errors when I’m writing; because I have watch what I’m jotting down. Yes I realize that you have to do the same thing with the keyboard; but when all you have to worry about is pressing keys then you’re bound to make more mistakes.

Yes writing the old-fashioned way takes longer and you might not get to 500 words as quickly as you would, using your computer, and you may even get writer’s cramp; but at least your mind isn’t running at a mile a minute, and your fingers pretty much have to fly when typing on the keyboard to keep up with your thought process.

If you really stop to think about it writing with a pen and paper is sort of like doing meditation with your writing; you slow down, you breathe, you think rationally, and you feel more relaxed and accomplished than you did going into it.

So the next time you go to write; be it a note, an idea, a paragraph, or a page; perhaps you might stop and pull out the old pen and paper to write down what you want to say. Or perhaps you’ll favor the advanced forms of writing technology, either form, you’re allowing your creativity to flow.

Caught up

You and I we’ve been up, and we’ve been down.
Now we’re finally on stable grounds; on a level that we can trust, but lately I’ve been missing you and all I wanna do is kiss your lips, and feel that once so familiar rush.
So please forgive me if this sounds a bit cliché but…
(Chorus I’m so caught up in your warmth, and I don’t care if we can only do this for one night; because one night with you would feel so right, like all of the stars have aligned.
Just to be caught up in your love; for tonight there are no mistakes, it’s just you and I with a bottle of Cabernet.
So what do you say? I’ll meet under the sheets.)
Every time you’d kiss me, always felt like the first time. The fireworks erupt and I lose all sense of logic, it feel like you’re my drug, and I have to indulge in another hit. Babe I love your rush so much.
So let’s get caught up in the ways that use to.
(Chorus I’m so caught up in your warmth, and I don’t care if we can only do this for one night; because one night with you would feel so right, like all of the stars have aligned.
Just to be caught up in your love; for tonight there are no mistakes, it’s just you and I with a bottle of Cabernet.
So what do you say? I’ll meet under the sheets.)
I can feel my endorphins beginning to flow. My walls have fallen down; you didn’t even have to try to knock them down. Babe you’re the door that will never close, no matter how far apart we may venture we always wind up back down this road, and I just want love right here, right now.
Reacquaint myself to your touch, so what are we waiting for; it’s about time that we got caught up.
(Chorus I’m so caught up in your warmth, and I don’t care if we can only do this for one night; because one night with you would feel so right, like all of the stars have aligned.
Just to be caught up in your love; for tonight there are no mistakes, it’s just you and I with a bottle of Cabernet.
So what do you say? I’ll meet under the sheets.)
For tonight love is lit up in our eyes, so go ahead and love me right.