Update Post

I’ve been meaning to come around and actually write a blog post, instead of posting YouTube videos.

I’m pleased to say that First Sight is progressing nicely. Since starting to put more of an effort into the book at the beginning of last month, it has gone from, a word count of around 4,800 to 20,650, which is amazing. However, on the downside of the book’s progress, I have recently discovered that I need to change it’s title, for there are too many books out there with ‘First Sight’ somewhere in the title. So, unfortunately I’m back to untitled; which I think is sort of better, considering, that I have no idea how this story will end. I have a feeling that it’s going to be one of those books, where the author is blind until somewhere around the climax. At least it’s progressing, and I’m getting more of a sense of my main characters Roxy and Lexi; both of which have a tendency to surprise me on a daily basis.

On an entirely different subject, I should have some new posts revolving around the house, home Improvement projects, contracting don’ts (which will save you from home owner hell,) as well as some painting tips. I think that I might start with the contractor don’ts. Now that I’m in a better position with the deck; I think that I can actually get through writing a post, without cursing my contractor’s name, on every other line.

I think that’s about covers it with this little update post. Hopefully, I’ll be back around sometime next week, once I’ve finished filing my taxes.

I’ll see you guys soon.

Enjoy your weekend 🙂

First Sight Redo Intro

Yesterday, I revealed the possibilities for a new book however, I hated the way I described said book. So I kinda wanted to redo the introduction to this book idea. Which I’m hoping will serve as a duo purpose, the first to fix the intro; (which I always manage to suck at describing the first time round.)  The second purpose is a distraction, for I have the worst case of heartburn, that’s legit making me want to upchuck, all that’s missing is the gross belching. I really should look into another heartburn reliever other than Tums, because they’re so not helping in the slightest at the moment. Anyway, onto the redo intro!

Adolescence, is complicated. When you stop and think about it there are many things that can define it as such. There’s school, parental figures, teachers, popularity status, cliques, the first crush, the first date, the first kiss. Except what happens when the first crush isn’t on a boy… But a girl?

When Roxy and Lexi cross paths in the fall of 2005. It’s a friendship turned on it’s head, when an unexpected flame sparks. Rising the question, Can love truly conquer all? Can their love endure homophobic peers, a bigoted parental figure, the prospect of coming out, troubles at home, the possibility of going in separate directions?

Can young love last? Or is it doomed to leave a scar that’ll last forever?

There, wish I would’ve come up with this yesterday, and I hope that this second attempt sounds loads more interesting.

New Year… New Goals

Hey all,

Hope you all had a Happy New Year and that 2017 proves to be a great year for you.

I’ve been meaning to get back into blogging recently, however I’ve found myself too distracted lately. The good news however, is that these distractions have all been positive ones, which gives me hope that 2017 will prove to be a good year.

First off I do indeed have some New Year’s resolutions, however I’m trying to side step the word Resolutions, because it always seems like the word is setting you up to either instantly, or eventually fail. Instead I’m calling them my New year’s Goals.

  1. Write, write, write!

I am a well known procrastinator, especially if I’m blocked, so this year. I’ve set up weekly writing goals. I started, off so far, writing 4 days a week, writing at least 650 words a day. I am completely ecstatic to report, in the first week, I only got stuck at 452 words once, the rest came in at 650 or higher.

As time goes on, I’m hoping to write 5 days a week, and eventually work up to an output of 1,000 words per writing session. In the first week, I wrote 12 pages, and had a grand total of 4,452 word written. It’s amazing what I can get done, when I apply myself.

2. Finish a book.

Right now I have two different iron’s in the fire. One being Jenny Mac, and the other being the untitled piece that you’ve seen little pieces of. Given that Jenny Mac, still isn’t fully, formed story line wise, amongst other things. I doubt that this book will be fully done within the year, maybe a draft or two. Still it’s not something that I want to rush through.

However the untitled piece is actually taking form and now, officially has a working title. Drum roll… From untitled to First Sight.

First Sight, is different in comparison to anything I’ve worked on. It is a coming of age Romance, revolving around two teenage girls, discovering they’ve fallen in love. While trying to cope with school, their home lives and eventually the coming out process. The idea stemmed from my love of Nicolas Sparks novels, and my bewilderment that the only other lesbian book that I could find, that wasn’t smut was, Fried Green Tomatoes. So if this book works out, it’ll be something for Lesbians, or for those who like Romance books.

3. Blog!

On top of the writing goals, I’m going to try to blog more often, as well as stopping by your own blogs more often. Which I need to get a better handle on.

Finally two goals that don’t revolve around writing and they are as follows…

4. Eat better.


5. Hit the gym

With any luck by the end of this year I will have, written First Sight, gotten a couple of drafts into Jenny Mac, blogged a ton, lost a few pounds, and will look fitter than I have in over a year or so.

With that being said what are some of your New Year’s Goals? and How do you like the idea of First Sight?