Poetic love and poetic justice

I come from a country where all people are created equal, and today same sex love has been declared equal.

So I jump up and down shouting hooray, while posting my excitement on Facebook, WordPress, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Today is an historic day and it is one that I will surely remember.

For now love is love and all couples are offically considered equal

Poetry of the writer

My day starts and ends in the same place where it begins.

Here at my desk I sit with a  fresh cup of coffee in hand.

I turn on my laptop with a push of a button, and proceed to to wake up my brain with a read through my favorite blogs.

Book must, Paula acton, along with the ever popular I didn’t have my glasses on, can always be counted upon.

After a delightful mental warm up, I move on to the important stuff.

With a click of a word doc I immerse myself into a world where writing, fighting, preserving, and the art of trying holds the to key to surviving, for young Rebecca Reilly.

I type and I type, and I type some more till I’ve reached that critical juncture.

I’ve either just written one thousand words, or I have just completed a chapter.

Either way it is considered to be, not a bad day worth of work for this aspiring writer.

Top it off with a blog post of my own and I remain one happy writer, and so I end my day in the same place where I began.

Sitting at my desk with a keyboard under my hands.

The pen versus the keyboard

Ordinarily I am a firm believer/user of the good-old keyboard, and why not its efficient, easy to use, and can take you from a word count of 0 to 500 like that. However lately my appreciation for the mighty keyboard has shifted; by way of the Sharpie pen.

When it come to jotting down notes for a story I usually pull up the word doc; however since I began fiddling around with some ideas with my Jenny Mac book series, I decided the safer and far more logical route would be to write in a notebook, so that I would have everything revolving around the book series written down and stored in my filing cabinet. (I’m always paranoid that something may happen with my computer, and if that were to happen I’d lose all of my notes/progress, and then I would be completely SOL.) So that was part my safer bit that I was talking about, but the logical bit?

What’s making me come around with writing the old-fashioned way, is that when I’m writing with a pen and paper I feel that I am less likely to make errors when I’m writing; because I have watch what I’m jotting down. Yes I realize that you have to do the same thing with the keyboard; but when all you have to worry about is pressing keys then you’re bound to make more mistakes.

Yes writing the old-fashioned way takes longer and you might not get to 500 words as quickly as you would, using your computer, and you may even get writer’s cramp; but at least your mind isn’t running at a mile a minute, and your fingers pretty much have to fly when typing on the keyboard to keep up with your thought process.

If you really stop to think about it writing with a pen and paper is sort of like doing meditation with your writing; you slow down, you breathe, you think rationally, and you feel more relaxed and accomplished than you did going into it.

So the next time you go to write; be it a note, an idea, a paragraph, or a page; perhaps you might stop and pull out the old pen and paper to write down what you want to say. Or perhaps you’ll favor the advanced forms of writing technology, either form, you’re allowing your creativity to flow.

Caught up

You and I we’ve been up, and we’ve been down.
Now we’re finally on stable grounds; on a level that we can trust, but lately I’ve been missing you and all I wanna do is kiss your lips, and feel that once so familiar rush.
So please forgive me if this sounds a bit cliché but…
(Chorus I’m so caught up in your warmth, and I don’t care if we can only do this for one night; because one night with you would feel so right, like all of the stars have aligned.
Just to be caught up in your love; for tonight there are no mistakes, it’s just you and I with a bottle of Cabernet.
So what do you say? I’ll meet under the sheets.)
Every time you’d kiss me, always felt like the first time. The fireworks erupt and I lose all sense of logic, it feel like you’re my drug, and I have to indulge in another hit. Babe I love your rush so much.
So let’s get caught up in the ways that use to.
(Chorus I’m so caught up in your warmth, and I don’t care if we can only do this for one night; because one night with you would feel so right, like all of the stars have aligned.
Just to be caught up in your love; for tonight there are no mistakes, it’s just you and I with a bottle of Cabernet.
So what do you say? I’ll meet under the sheets.)
I can feel my endorphins beginning to flow. My walls have fallen down; you didn’t even have to try to knock them down. Babe you’re the door that will never close, no matter how far apart we may venture we always wind up back down this road, and I just want love right here, right now.
Reacquaint myself to your touch, so what are we waiting for; it’s about time that we got caught up.
(Chorus I’m so caught up in your warmth, and I don’t care if we can only do this for one night; because one night with you would feel so right, like all of the stars have aligned.
Just to be caught up in your love; for tonight there are no mistakes, it’s just you and I with a bottle of Cabernet.
So what do you say? I’ll meet under the sheets.)
For tonight love is lit up in our eyes, so go ahead and love me right.

Story in the works

I know that I haven’t been around much lately, but it looks as though my family and I are gearing up to have one crazy busy summer. Even though it’s not technically summer yet, but regardless things have been and are going to continue to be hectic. We’ve got relatives here so it hasn’t allowed for much time to sit down and write a blog post, nor to post any new short stories or songs. However you will be happy to discover that I have one story in the works, although I don’t know when I will be posting it, I am hoping for soon but don’t quote me on that.

It does feel good to be writing a blog post, I think this is my third post this month; which is a tad bit unusual for me. But at least I’m letting you know why and you won’t assume that I am MIA. I’ll try to post as well as read your blogs as often as possible even if it’s just to say hello, however for now I’d best be posting and going.

I’ll see you all soon,


My Childhood home

A fellow blogger and friend inspired me to write this post today, so thanks to Ste J at http://bookmust.wordpress.com for the nudge.

While growing up in Colorado there was beauty to beheld every time you’d direct your point of view toward the west.

I miss seeing this view because no matter where I’ve been a view such as this can’t be beaten. In a sense I forgot how lucky I was to see this view every day; the view of a pretty town mixed in with a breathtaking backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. It was amazing, and it made recall something that I did as often as possible before I moved from Colorado. Every day for a few moments I would stop whatever I was doing and stare at that Rocky backdrop.

History of the Rocky Mountains 

Via Wikipedia at http://wikipedia.org/wiki/rocky_mountains

Rocky mountains

The Rocky Mountains, commonly known as the Rockies, are a major mountain range in western North America. The Rocky Mountains stretch more than 3,000 miles (4,830 km) from the northernmost part of British Columbia, in western Canada, toNew Mexico, in the southwestern United States. Within the North American Cordillera, the Rockies are somewhat distinct from the Pacific Coast Ranges and the Cascade Range and Sierra Nevada which all lie further to the west.

The Rocky Mountains were initially formed from 80 million to 55 million years ago during the Laramide orogeny, in which a number of plates began to slide underneath the North American plate. The angle of subduction was shallow, resulting in a broad belt of mountains running down western North America. Since then, further tectonic activity and erosion by glaciers have sculpted the Rockies into dramatic peaks and valleys. At the end of the last ice age, humans started to inhabit the mountain range. After Europeans, such as Sir Alexander Mackenzie and Americans, such as the Lewis and Clark expedition, started to explore the range, minerals and furs drove the initial economic exploitation of the mountains, although the range itself never became densely populated.

Adventures in the Rockies

When I was a child camping trips were always a must do summer event for my family, unless there were wildfires up in the mountain where we’d camp out, but usually we were always able to make camp up at Redfeather.

The drive up excited me, especially as we drew closer to the mountains, I remember watching them go from a distant blue. Then as we drove closer, the mountains would come into frame perfectly enough where you could see all of the pine trees, slopes, and valleys; it was as if a photograph was developing right before my very eyes. It was a sight that will forever be etched into my memory.

When we found the place that we’d call our campsite, we’d setup and then immediately after finishing setting the site, my family and I had to explore the surrounding area. This would be when we’d find the best hiking trails, lakes for fishing, or rock climbing areas. One thing was definitely certain by nightfall we were beat and more than likely we usually slept like hibernating bears throughout the night. By the time we packed up and were ready to head home; I would always be the person who was covered in band-aids, because I had either stumbled, fallen, scraped, ran into, stepped on, or had gotten myself into some sort of trouble. Now that I think back on our adventures I’m surprised that I didn’t break any bones, or worse. They were fun camping trips though, no matter what incident had come my way.  My only regret is that I wish we had taken photos during our camping trips.

The Rockies home sweet home

I do also recall during the drives up to Redfeather seeing these mountain homes and thinking, man I’d love to live in the mountains when I get older. Now that I’m older I’ve reconsidered that idea because there are too many risks, and I might as well be honest here, I was a born and bred city girl, who relies on having shopping centers close by.

Wedding Bells

Though I’ll never live in the mountains I do plan on one day getting married in the mountains, now that gay marriage is legal in Colorado. I can’t deny that it would make for a beautiful wedding album, although I should probably have the woman lined up first.

Colorado was a great place to grow up in though, because there was always something to do, or some place new to explore. There was never a dull moment in my childhood home.

Photos courtesy of http://yahoo.com

Fit into the mold

At first I thought this idea would be perfectly suited for a short story to post on the blog, but now that I’ve sat down and typed out the idea, it seems like it’s destined to be larger than a short story. What are your thoughts?

If I were granted the opportunity I would like to see life at full-term. My birth was unconventional; therefore I was expected not to be ordinary, because of my survival everyone has always expected me to be extraordinary. However lately I’ve been thinking what would have happened had I been carried to full-term? Would I have been considered ordinary, or is my destiny sealed to be nothing short of extraordinary?