Author Abuse: When Indies Attack Indies

Originally posted on The Literary Syndicate:

Recently, I did a post regarding Haters. Link here. Today, I am going to discuss something along those lines but to me far more troubling. Indie Authors attacking other Indie Authors. Maybe together we can figure out why this is happening.

I enjoy being an Independent Author. The community, relationships I have built, assistance I have given and been granted in return, is nothing short of amazing. That is what this is; a community of driven individuals that are willing to work hard, take risks, and pour their heart and soul into each book they write. They also help whenever anyone asks them to, however they can.

My book would never have been written without the help I received from my fellow Indies, in the forms of betas, cover, editing and content suggestions, and consistent messages of faith that yes, I can do this, even when my doubts were…

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  1. I like the new blog look my friend. I would think indie authors would band together and try to make the publishing industry in its slow realisation that the way people are discovering books and authors are different now. There is always someone that tries to ruin everything.


    1. Thank you I thought that a new look was in order for my blogging return. I agree people in the industry need to realize that times are charging and there are different forms of authors out there.


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