New ideas

Well today I’ve had a couple of new ideas. Today I joined the Twitter community and if you’d like to follow me, I just setup at twitter widget, so feel free to follow. I don’t know how often I will tweet but this should be fun. :)

You’ll also be happy to know that decided against the sex scene in Dreamer because not only does it seem tacky, but it is also not my taste. So I’m going in a different direction with this scene; which was suggested by fellow blogger and friend Steve at

His suggestion to imply the event and go right for the aftermath; which seems a lot more tasteful than what I originally planned to do, so thanks Steve you may have saved me from a huge mistake. Now all that needs to be done is to fix up the scene which I will begin as soon as I post this.

Aren’t new ideas great :)

Night Owl

Today my landlord came over to begin painting my kitchen so because of his work and some house work that needed to be done, tonight I am a night owl. I’ve decided to kick off a night of writing with a blog post. Oh by the way the winning photo is #1, and thank you to everyone who voted and for also helping make this decision.

Boy I feel like I’m going to need a little pick me up.

In Dreamer news the writing is going really well, I’m experimenting with kind of a sex scene and it’s kinda of interesting; I’ve never really jumped into that zone of writing before. Although I’m not sure if the scene will stick I’d like to see how everything wraps up in the first draft, and whether I feel that particular scene is right for the story. I’m not exactly sure what made me even want to write a sex scene in the story. I think at the time that it popped into my head I had been up most of Sunday night unable to sleep, so insomnia may have had a hand in this particular thought process.

However I do think that the aftermath of the actions revolving around this scene should prove to be interesting, and challenging all at the same time; both for the characters and for the writer. This scene definitely has me excited to see the end results; even though that’s still a ways off. Onward and upward!         

One of those days

I’m having one of those days where it seems like I hear nothing but bad news. Within the past 12 hours I’ve gone from really awful news to disappointing news.

Last night I sent a text to my best friend in Colorado saying that I was having a really shitty night. I later retracted that comment once I found out that Caitlyn was having a really rough go of it for the past few days. On Sunday morning she got into an accident which was caused by a drunk driver; who had spent all of Saturday night drinking, and then stupidly proceeded to get into the car and drive. The woman got into a head on collision with my friend, but thankfully Caitlyn’s injuries were minor. A broken arm and a broken leg; mixed with a night of observation in the hospital. I’m so thankful that she’s alright, but feel terrible about her broken bones so please Cait get well soon.

The second piece of news came from my sister this morning; who was letting me know about a different job in her company that she’d applied for and unfortunately didn’t get. I feel for her, we all thought that she’d get it. At least there will be better opportunities down the line, and for as smart and as good as she is at her job I know she’ll catch a break.

This may have been a bad news day but at least it wasn’t the worst and at least everyone I love and care about are safe. <3 Now to end this post on a good note. I finished those interview questions and now all that’s left is to find a proper photograph. Perhaps I should take a few glamour shots. ;)        

Two weeks

Well I received the interview questions last night, and have a two week deadline to answer those questions. I also have to find a suitable photograph of myself (this may actually take more time to find, than to answer these questions.)

So today’s to do list is…

1 Write a blog post (Check.)

2 Answer interview questions

3 Look the answers over, and then sleep on it

4 Commence drafting for chapter five of Dreamer

5 Study from writing textbook.

I want to get started but I’m currently feeling the urge to procrastinate, so I will do my best fight it. Oh wait a minute gotta answer a text…




Now what was I supposed to doing? Oh yeah not procrastinate.

Okay in all seriousness I should get to work; see you tomorrow. :)   

Where would we be without writers?

Writing is the oldest profession around and yet we’re mocked by some, either out of jealousy or ignorance. There is one thing that we take for granted on a daily basis and that is being fortunate enough to pick up a book and read. Reading is not only good exercise for you brain, but it also increases your IQ.

Among those two important aspects reading also opens up your imagination and allows us to dream. Dream up ways to help ourselves, to help others, to improve the world, and to improve life. Reading inspires you and challenges you to reach greater heights.

If we did not have this wonderful gift available where would we be as a society? Personally I think we’d all revert back to cavemen and women. So every time you pick up a book thank the writer because if it weren’t for writers we would have no way to increase our intelligence, to dream, to be inspired, and to create.         

Back to B&N

Well my internet seems to be on hiatus so I find myself back in a familiar place, my local Barnes & Noble. Ordinarily my internet services being down would annoy me but today it doesn’t seem to bother me. Of course I say that now but just wait for another few weeks to pass.

Any who last night I received some exciting news right before my internet crashed. Last night I was asked to do my second author interview. Needless to say that reading that email put a big smile on my face. I can’t wait :) it’s by one of my blog regulars, so this makes it extra special.

I’ll keep you posted on the interview’s release date, and I’ll probably talk about it nonstop as well. ;)

See ya later