Holiday break

I think this shall be my last post, until Thanksgiving passes; because this week is just going to crazy. I’m even thinking of taking a little vacay from writing as well, after tonight, but rest assured I will return on December 1st; both to blogging and to writing.

I feel like a little R&R is certainly needed around the holiday season, it gives your mind a chance to refresh, and by so doing you come back with more ideas to bring to the table.

However seeing as how I’m not on my holiday break yet, there’s still the matter of writing for tonight. I am currently in the midst of chapter nine and I’d say that I’m halfway through it, and that I’ve got some ideas as to how to go about finishing off the chapter, but I’m not quite sure if they will work. I guess the best way to go about writing the second half to this chapter is by process of elimination. I’ll tryout the ideas that I’ve got in mind tonight and if I feel that they just simply do not fit in well with the story, I’ll move on to the next idea, until I find the idea that works. However I am hoping that this idea will be the one that will work, it would suck to be stuck on this second half for a while.


I love it when writing really begins to click, either with a new idea or by learning concepts that are new to you. I am filled with even more excitement when I have the opportunity to put them into practice; because then I can fully grasp what I want to learn and also what I want to take away from those concepts.

You know something I really thought that I had a little bit something more to add to this topic, but I think that I have summed it pretty well. My brain seems to be refusing to put any further thought into the topic at hand. I think the issue being that it’s currently in la-la land. Sorry about that folks. It is probably for the best anyhow; I have to be up early tomorrow to prepare for a house showing at 10am, and that means cleaning at the crack of dawn. Well… maybe not that early, but still it’ll be early enough.

One of those chapters

I just finished a section in a chapter of Dreamer that I am most definitely sure that I despise. Though I’m sure every writer feels this, shall I call it a chapter slump? Where you’re happy that you’ve finished off a certain piece of the chapter that feels like it’s taken a month to write, however you are not fully satisfied with the way in which it turned out.

Perhaps it’s because I’m tired and should probably come back to it tomorrow once I’m all good and refreshed, but I really can’t stand that feeling. Although I will say, that when you do not feel one hundred percent satisfied about a chapter it does give you that proper momentum to go back and figure out where you went wrong and therefor allows you to solve the problem, so that’s a huge plus, and is also just another benefit to being a writer; not many professions allows for you to got back and fix a mistake, so I feel very lucky to have this opportunity available to me.

For tonight though I think I will call it a night. Nighty, night everyone.

Love long-distance

It’s a quarter past 10pm and my ringtone’s playing a song that you love. John Legend’s all of me, always reminds me of you, and suddenly my heart fills with love.

I hit answer, and then your voice comes through on the other end of line. Blood pumps into my chest and I feel my heart pounding.

Your voice is beautiful with a sexy twist that makes me wish I had you in my arms; I imagine giving you a kiss.

(Holding you, just like I do in our bed; we always slept so peacefully then.)

So soundly, a feeling of protection cushions us, oh love so strong, that it could be compared to the world’s best security system.

But when we’re apart there’s a chink in the armor; this love transforms into a gigantic question mark and often I wonder…

(I wonder,)

Will we find our way back?

(Chorus back to those nights, we’d be up all night, stealing sweet kisses; a reminder of a time of innocence. Lengthy conversations, awaken in the hours of the late AM, a sense of trust engulfs us, where true love warms us and never have we felt such an adrenaline rush.

You are everything that my heart could’ve ever asked for, trustworthy and understanding, I’ve never felt so lucky before.)

When you leave baby it’s a different ballgame, I start to have my doubts. Thinking that maybe love was never meant to withstand distance; all of these months apart, I feel like our flame is slowly dying. Not enough oxygen in the air to keep it burning.

But when I hear your voice on the other end, girl my heart races and just for a few moments I am reminded of those long nights. I can say this with the upmost certainty, we never missed a beat, we learned how to make the most of every second.

We understood that when love is mixed with a situation where distance is a contributing factor, that time is the enemy and is rarely known as a luxury.

As soon as I hit disconnect those fears once again surround me, and my mind again wonders…

Will we find our way back?

(Chorus back to those nights, we’d be up all night, stealing sweet kisses; a reminder of a time of innocence. Lengthy conversations, awaken in the hours of the late AM, a sense of trust engulfs us, where true love warms us and never have we felt such an adrenaline rush.

You are everything that my heart could’ve ever asked for, trustworthy and understanding, I’ve never felt so lucky before.)

Girl I love you, and you know that’s true, I couldn’t ever lie to you and in all honesty I don’t know whether or not I can keep this up for much longer.

Writing the endless journey

Are you looking for a career where you are always being challenged? A career where you’re forever learning? A career that takes you on numerous journeys? Well look no further…

I couldn’t resist it seemed like it would fit perfectly into what I want to discuss in this post. We all know that writing has so many benefits, to sum it up into a short list.

Writing benefits:


Provides a health therapeutic release

Challenges/Exercises your brain 

In my opinion there is a reason why writing a book should not be drawn out via story webs, numerous notes taken about the story itself, or by a list of writing guidelines in which to follow, for example: story world notes, character bios, back stories, etc. There’s a reason why there’s the term, Seat of the pants writer; because try as we might, we eventually wind up going off the road and are headed in a different direction. I’ve said this many times before a writer is a lot like a scientist; we may jot down notes, we may have blueprints drawn up, but when it comes down it more often than not we need to experiment with different ideas. Do they work? Sometimes, do they blow up in our face covering it with a strangely color liquid? Oh yes, and them comes the chemical shower.

Being a writer you’re often blind and clueless to what will happen during a session, you could write an entire chapter during one session and then go back and re-write it during another. Writing isn’t for the faint of heart and I often think that you almost have to have it locked into your DNA. But to those who can withstand the roller coaster ride of ups and downs, and the every twist and turn, are meant to experience the journey.

The journey is boundless, ever changing, constantly surprising, and also the most thrilling ride; along with frustrating, exhausting, and confusing. At the end of the day when you’re sending your completed manuscript into your agent you have a better grasp on writing and can take everything that you have learned and experienced while writing this book onto your next project, and the cycle repeats until the day comes that you decide to hang up your keyboard and retire, but at that point you’ve done it for so many years that it’s like a drug that you can’t quit no matter what you may say or do, and so the journey continues.

An idea that will see my story through to the finish line

Oy! I can’t believe it’s been almost a week since I last wrote a blog post. My apologies to those out there in the blogging universe, things have been a bit crazy lately; my landlord decided to put the lovely apartment house up for sale. I’ve had quite a bit of Realtors/potential buyers popping over within the last week, and have three more looksees scheduled for tomorrow.

Any who, I’ve been wanting to talk about this since, Thursday night, I believe.

With any new story that an author begins to write only two ideas are somewhat certain, and they are, the beginning and the end; what comes in-between those first two ideas is a lot of experimentation with many different ideas. Some ideas are great because they’re usually those that are great contributions to the story that helps the writer to get from point to point. Some ideas however, can range from a stupid idea to, Oh good God what the heck was I thinking when I came up with this idea? Throughout my journey while writing Dreamer, I have come across this feeling at least a few times.

But Thursday night, Thursday night was something else, something magical; during that night I’m certain that I came up with a second piece to the ending; which just builds around the story itself so nicely and I am so proud. Tonight I can indeed say with the most certainty, that I have the rest of my story mapped out, it’s almost as if I have the blueprints sitting right in front of me. To have that map serving as a guide for you is so awesome, it feels as though all barriers have been unblocked and you’re free to climb to new heights. Oh how I love the somewhat scientific experimental process that come along with being a writer; it makes the problem solving so much fun.

Most inspiring musicians

I love music in every form, I love the power a single song can have when you hear it; be for the first time or for the millionth. There are so many amazing musicians past and present who have a gift, nay an ability to take you on a journey every time you play one of their records. These incredibly talented people have inspired me time and time again, and I’d like to kick off this post with one of my favorites.

Elvis, the creator of Rock n’ Roll, whose music will always be loved. I remember hearing That’s alright mama for the first time and thinking, yes I can understand why this man exploded in the 50’s. His mix of country and R&B created a brand new genre, that would go on to inspire the first official rock band The Beatles. His music broke down the doors and other artists would go on to intensify rock.

A short list,

The Beatles

The Beach Boys



Guns n’ Roses 

Such awesome bands with amazing styles all of their own and were responsible for moving rock music in different directions. Continuing with rock but slipping into the the punk category a few bands/artists jump to mind.

Billy Idol, broke through with punk originally with Generation X, however cranked it up when he embarked on his solo career. Other great punk artists include Green Day and Simple Plan. Moving onto one of my personal favorite genres Pop.

One of the most undeniable pop music sensations is the one and only Micheal Jackson, since The Jackson 5 he was an unstoppable force and has inspired many in both Pop and R&B. Not to mention he was responsible for one other the most successful albums of all time Thriller. I love the man for his creativity, his songwriting, and his rhythm. In the 90’s pop took an interesting turn, you had Britney Spears, along with two of the most popular boy bands N’Sync and The Backstreet Boys. The mix of these artists spun pop music into a new direction, particularly Britney and N’Sync. Then came Justin Timberlake who has brought a lot to the table over the past 12 years. When you step from the 90’s/2000’s era into today’s pop music scene we have, Lady Gaga, Jason Derulo, Jesse McCartney, Kelly Clarkson (who did pop up in the early 2000’s but is still bringing it.)

To finish off this post I want to include two of my hero/heroine’s.

Elton John, his music is all inspiring but perhaps what’s the most inspiring for me is his being open about his sexuality, during a time when it was less than encouraged.

Of course one of the strongest female entertainers who blazed the trail for future female pop artists, Cher. 

These artist have encouraged us, and still inspires us, through their music, and through their willingness and backbone. For this we’re grateful.