Oooh that was no fun

Well that cold I had, still have, turned out to be a bit worse than I thought. I’ll spare you the details and instead leave you with a thought or two over the past week. I hope to never have another cough that’s so nasty and just plain terrible, and I hope to never feel as drained as I did. With that being said I’ll move onto what I’ve been wanting to discuss; the book aka Dreamer.

Is it possible to open up your word doc, read a few lines and think… Oh dear lord I hate this? Of course this could be the result of cold issues, where you’re miserable from the symptoms so in turn everything else that you come into contact with makes you just as miserable, until your symptoms clear up.

Yesterday I was trying to write and I was trying to spend some much needed time on Dreamer; because I hadn’t been able to work on it all throughout last week, and those of you that know me, know that I cannot go too long without writing, otherwise I get very agitated. So while trying to push out some ideas I thought I that I’d look over a previous chapter to refresh my memory. In retrospect this probably wasn’t the best idea, looking back on my desire to write yesterday, verses my misery status; I would’ve found something wrong with everything and I would’ve hated everything single thing that I’ve written.

I’m guessing that’s why you shouldn’t write while battling cold symptoms; because absolutely nothing looks good to anybody when you’re sick; unless it’s a soak in the tub for a while.

Well let’s see how Dreamer will look to me today, hopefully a tad better.

Short Story

A friend of mine just wrote this story and I thought that it would be a good idea to share with you. The author’s name is Nathalie and she’d love to get your impressions of her short story.

Twilight hit in the town that I used to call home. A layer of frost covered the windows, and the last of the leaves desired the weather that once kept them young. The town was barren, kept alive only by the shells of departed souls. The gates to enter were unlocked, daring only the brave hearted. I peered in, the falling snow leaving a haze in the air. Through the corner of my eye I caught the glance of a woman. She appeared to be in the autumn of her life, a perennial who had not been influenced by the biting winds of December. Her back was stooped over, as if she carried weights upon her mighty shoulders. As she approached the gate, my mind raced to find reason for her advance. Breathing was difficult to accomplish, and when I did find the ability it came with rasps and coughs. When she had reached a point where the misting snow no longer concealed her face, I discovered unrest. Her eyes over the years had grown dull and cloudy, as though she had seen too much suffering. Her face read like a road map of time. Every wrinkle, every line, ingrained with memories of the past. Her hair once a glorious auburn, now merely a dreary gray. Although fragile, she stood strong. Undaunted by my presence she investigated me through the thick iron bars that kept us apart. Not a word was spoken, yet the air seemed lighter. We looked fixedly into each other’s eyes, time seemed motionless. For the first time, she seemed uneasy. The woman turned and began to carefully stumble away. Curiosity got the better of me as I pushed the decomposing door ajar. I followed the senior down the road, making sure to keep a safe distance between us. I recognized the streets of a town that I had not seen in over three decades. As I halted to reminisce the woman vanished in the fog. I scrambled to catch up, my chest flaring from the frigid wind. When I had finally caught up I saw her entering a house on Kingswood Drive. I searched through my memory to produce the name of the street that I had once grown up on. It came to me in a flash: Kingswood Drive. I remained at the corner, making sure she was still visible. I raced to think of the house number I had lived in. “7? Yes- that has to be it,” I told myself. As my eyes re-focused on the woman, I saw her entering the home that housed many of my childhood memories. I stood on the raw, snowy corner. Perplexed by what I saw I slowly uttered, “Mom?…” but as my gaze left the sidewalk, she was gone. I sprinted, trying to catch my breath, and attempting to find words. I bolted up the front steps and entered the home. It was quiet. Barren. Empty. An icebox that hadn’t been inhabited for years. Numb and confused I rummaged through the home. I climbed the staircase to my bedroom. As I entered, a melancholy feeling came over me. I discovered a note on the pillow that my adolescent mind had slumbered on. I sat, and ripped open the envelope that encased the letter:

“ Dear daughter,

You left me at a young age. Every afternoon at twilight I stop at the gate that you swore you’d never enter again- hoping to see your face. I fear my days are limited. If you do return and find this note, I missed the chance to see you once more. I pray you forgive the things I have said in the past, I regret them every day. I shall see you at another set of gates- but until then I will be watching over you.  Signed, Mom.”

Tears streamed down my face as I realized the immaturity of my ways. The tears were short- lived however as I suddenly felt warmth inside of the home that had turned my heart cold.


Your standard crappy cold is making it’s rounds around Worcester and I am one of it’s unlucky recipients. As far as colds go I must say that this one hasn’t been too bad thus far. Lots of fatigue, itchy scratchy sore throat, cough, and light sneezing attacks; (which doesn’t make me go through an entire box of tissues within a day’s time frame.)

The issue that I cannot stand in the least when I’ve got a cold, is that feeling of being pulled slowly through this fog until the sun shines and the fog lifts; I always feel like my ability to function has almost been completely depleted out of me. Still I have to get up and go, I can’t allow myself to get lost in this fog.

On a side note you know what beverage I have taken a liking to as of recently? Hot peppermint tea, I tried a cup earlier tonight as a substitute for my usual hot tea mixed with honey; it was pretty good and I am usually not the biggest fan of hot tea.

Post holiday slacking

Alright I confess, as of tonight I am 100% guilty of slacking off with this blog and my writing; however I think there is an allowed grace period post holidays. Okay so I’m making that part up, but there should be an grace period. Think about it, we go from the chaos of working to the pure insanity that is referred to as Thanksgiving preparations; where we over buy on food, clean our homes (as if we’re spring cleaning,) and finally cook a gigantic meal, to which we’ll have leftovers from for about a week.

Just going through the motions alone leaves you feeling drained, and then pile a turkey dinner on top of it all and you could sleep for a week. Alright I think that’s enough of my Thanksgiving raving.

Tonight I need to push myself whole hog Dreamer wise, though I will say that I did pretty well on Monday night, I think I wrote around 750 words, but that was then and this is now. Tonight may prove to be a bit more difficult than Monday night; for some reason on Monday the words just poured out of me like a faucet; which more than likely had to do with coming back from the holiday break. Perhaps I’ll still have some good luck for tonight.

Well here’s to hoping anyway.

Post Thanksgiving

It’s good to be back in the blogsphere, I really missed the blogging universe while I was on holiday. But I was also grateful for the break because the past week was so busy, It’s all a blur of painting an accent wall, showing the apartment house to possible buyers,  and prepping for two different Thanksgiving feasts; which has probably caused me to go up two jean sizes, but that’s the holidays for you.

Early this morning I awoke from my slumber, it was going on 4AM when I had this idea to rip a certain section of Dreamer apart and do a re-write, so once I am done posting this little article I plan on having a look at the section and seeing if my idea will work, or if it might have indeed been some random crazy thought that I had during the night. Either way I think that it got my creative juices cooking, which is a plus when you’re just coming down from holiday insanity.

Oh, I almost forgot, I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you all enjoyed spending time with your loved ones. I was going to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving but with the holiday madness it got away from me.

Holiday break

I think this shall be my last post, until Thanksgiving passes; because this week is just going to crazy. I’m even thinking of taking a little vacay from writing as well, after tonight, but rest assured I will return on December 1st; both to blogging and to writing.

I feel like a little R&R is certainly needed around the holiday season, it gives your mind a chance to refresh, and by so doing you come back with more ideas to bring to the table.

However seeing as how I’m not on my holiday break yet, there’s still the matter of writing for tonight. I am currently in the midst of chapter nine and I’d say that I’m halfway through it, and that I’ve got some ideas as to how to go about finishing off the chapter, but I’m not quite sure if they will work. I guess the best way to go about writing the second half to this chapter is by process of elimination. I’ll tryout the ideas that I’ve got in mind tonight and if I feel that they just simply do not fit in well with the story, I’ll move on to the next idea, until I find the idea that works. However I am hoping that this idea will be the one that will work, it would suck to be stuck on this second half for a while.


I love it when writing really begins to click, either with a new idea or by learning concepts that are new to you. I am filled with even more excitement when I have the opportunity to put them into practice; because then I can fully grasp what I want to learn and also what I want to take away from those concepts.

You know something I really thought that I had a little bit something more to add to this topic, but I think that I have summed it pretty well. My brain seems to be refusing to put any further thought into the topic at hand. I think the issue being that it’s currently in la-la land. Sorry about that folks. It is probably for the best anyhow; I have to be up early tomorrow to prepare for a house showing at 10am, and that means cleaning at the crack of dawn. Well… maybe not that early, but still it’ll be early enough.